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is there a direct connection or do i just go to C and walk?
You have to take the train to C and walk to B.
Hello i arrive with frontier at 9.28 am (if everything is on time) and i believe that is T1. Next flight is at 10.40 am with Spirit.
Is an hour an 10 min enough time to change terminals just with carry on? I flight alone and im prepared to run.
Is it easy to get lost and go out of security by mistake?
Since you arrive in the D gates, you just have to take the train from there to Terminal 1 (ie towards the American and Delta baggage claim) rather than Terminal 3 (the Frontier and United baggage claim). Once you get to Terminal 1, make sure you don't exit security but instead follow signs for Concourse B.
Thank you so much!! And do you think an hour an 10 minutes is enough time since is just changing gates with a train in the middle?
Yes, it should be possible if the first flight is on-time.
I have an hour and 10 minutes betwen my flights and i just realised i have to change from terminal 1 to terminal 3 🤦🏼‍♀️. I can try not checkin a bag and just take carry on but stil is not enough time right? How long does the shuttle take?
What airlines are you flying?
Getting to Las vegas with Frontier and departing to Colombia with Spirit
arriving on southwest in terminal 1. Need to go to global entry office. need directions
Arrive per Jet Blue in Main termina 05-16 and leave for Boston in one hour later on Termnal 3-Never done this before...what do I need to do..Thanks..;l
Las Vegas does not have a "main terminal". All JetBlue gates are in the same area. If both flights are on JetBlue you have enough time.
Thanks so much,,,feel more relaxed now...:)
Hello, we are arriving July 12 from London on virgin. Will need to recheck baggage on southwest to phoenix. How much time would I need?
At least 3 hours as you will have to change terminals on a bus for you to re-check your bags with Southwest.

I can arrive at the LAS 3:00 pm Korean Air flight on Friday and leave at 5:05 pm on Westjet flight.

Is this connection okay since they are both in terminal 3?
I know that I have to go through customs and it takes a long time, is 3 pm busy time for customs in LAS? If it helps, I have a Canadian passport.
Also, I have check-in baggage.

Thank you!
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Las Vegas doesn't get that many international flights that use the Immigration and Customs facility.
Hi, I have a flight into Las Vegas at 3:00PM on Korean Air coming from Incheon. I have a Southwest flight connection that departs Vegas at 4:20PM, is that enough time to clear customs and make the connection with bags? I've done it before in LAX but am not sure about Vegas. I have Global Entry and will be flying with Priority Bags on Korean so they should be first off the belt. Thanks!
That is absolutely not enough time in Las Vegas because you have to change terminals and the terminal change isn't very simple. You MIGHT be able to make it with no checked bags.
Arriving at Las Vegas from Omaha on Southwest on May 12th and then boarding Southwest again to Tucson. Will I board for Tucson in the same area or have to go to a different gate area?
Southwest uses two concourses in Terminal 1, but all of their gates are connected inside security.
Can I go from Southwest to Hawaiian without going through security again? No luggage.
Yes, it's possible, follow signs to the train to the D gates.