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Will I be able to connect from Hawaiian Airlines gate to a Jet Blue gate without having to go out of the secure area?
If your bags are checked through, yes, you can.
Thank you!
I'm flying on Southwest from SEA to LAS, then onto HOU after a 50 minute layover. Will this layover be long enough to make sure my baggage makes it between planes? I have several overweight/oversize items that are crucial that they make it to HOU on time.
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
I have a flight on SWA using the C gates and am wondering if I can get to the lounge in the D gates without going through security twice. Can you go back and forth between these two locations post-security?
Yes, it is possible but not exactly intuitive.
Great, thanks for the info. Any tips for making it work?
Take the C concourse train to the main terminal. when you get off the train turn to the right and walk through a door and there is another train to the D gates. Just make sure you don't go down the escalator to baggage claim and you will be good.
My husband will be arrived at LAS airport, Terminal 1(southwest airline). But then my baby and i will be arrived on Terminal 3 (korean airline).
In this case, does he can take the tram and wait for me at terminal 3 gate? Is there any airside connection between terminal 1 and 3? Should he have to go outside at Terminal 1 and move to terminal 3?
You won't come out at your gate in Terminal 3. You will exit outside security on the lower level, which is the closest place he could meet you. He will have to go outside if he wants to meet you there.
I’m flying Jetblue, which I see flies out of E gate but would like to use the Cenurtion Lounge which is at D. Is there any easy way to transit between both without going back through security? Also what lounges are available at E gates and do they honor Amex Platinum or Priority Pass?
Yes, you can go between D and E to your hearts' content on the underground train. The Only lounge in E is "The Club at LAS" which DOES accept Priority Pass.
I am traveling from Newark, NJ direct flight to LAS on United. United is in Terminal 3. I have another flight on Allegiant which is in Terminal 1. I see I can take the airport shuttle from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1. My question is how much time should I allow. I have a choice of 2 direct flights to LAS one gets me there 3 hours ahead of my Allegiant departure the other flight 6 hours ahead. If time of day makes any difference my Allegiant flight leaves at 2:20 PM . Thank you in advance for your answer.
The 3 hour layover should be enough time.
Thank you for your quick respose.
I want to fly from the UK to Seattle via Las Vegas. My layover is two and a half hours. I’m am worried that this isn’t long enough to get our bags and recheck them as I’ve done it once before at LAX and it took almost 4 hours. I don’t know how the size of airport compares but this time we’re travelling with a small baby which seems to make everything take twice as long.

(My airlines are Thomas Cook into LAS and Alaska airlines out)

Is the two and a half hours a safe length of time To get everything done?
Everything will be handled in Terminal 3. You have barely enough time if the flight from the UK is on-time. 2.5 hours is still less time than I'd recommend.
My fiancée is potentially going to have a flight arriving at 11:22 AM on 3/20/2018 The flight is with United, would her and her cousin (who is going to be accompanying her) have enough time to get off the flight, get their bags, and recheck their bags with Frontier Airlines, and get through security in time to make a 12:45 pm flight with Frontier?
Yes, since both airlines use Terminal 3, this is possible if the first flight is on-time.
Arriving Saturday June 9, 2018, Las Vegas Airport w/ Southwest @ 6:40am with checked baggage.
Need to connect with Hawaiian Airlines Flight Departing @ 9:25am
Will I have enough time to recheck bags and go through TSA?
Also, how do I go about doing this connection, trams? Shuttle?
Any tips with speeding the process up with checked baggage, will be deeply appreciated.
Thank you so much.

You have to take a shuttle bus with your bags from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3, re-check your bags with Hawaiian and go to your departure gate. You should have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Flying out of T1. Have a 3+ hour layover between flights and have lounge access (have read T3 is much nicer than T1). Am I able to go through security in T3, and return to T1 for my flight?
It is possible, but I can provide a much better answer if I know what airlines you are flying and what lounge you want to use.