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ll airports have a maximum time before a flight departs when they prohibit passengers from being in terminal concourses. How much time before a flight can I be in the departure concourse at LAS?
I am flying in to LAS on Alaska Air, arriving at 11:15, GateE15, Terminal 3, how to I get to passenger pickup area?
I need my pick up ride to come as close to the terminal as possible because I cannot walk all the way to passenger pick up
What time does the UPS store open?
I am meeting my daughter tomorrow afternoon. She is coming from YYC and I am coming from YYJ via SFO. Where can we find each other easily. She is a nervous traveller
What airlines are you both flying?
Is there a place that we can wrap our suitcases?
What terminal does the WestJet flight from Edmonton arrive at?
Terminal 3.
Can you take a lap top computer with you in the cabin? As a carry on?
Yes, you can.
Hello, I am arriving from LONDON LGW on a Norwegian Air flight in NOVEMBER arriving at 3pm and am wanting to book a show starting at 730pm and am wondering average times for immigration clearance at that time to gauge possibility of making the show.
I connected from a flight from houston to las vegas On the plane they advice to collect bags from terminal 3. There was no point to clear with immigration, which is strange. You can just exit the airport when bags are collected, saw evwryone was doing so. Is this normal?