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Is there a place that we can wrap our suitcases?
What terminal does the WestJet flight from Edmonton arrive at?
Terminal 3.
I heard that ATM machines on the Strip are rare, so I want to withdraw at the airport if possible.

However, there's only a Well Fargo bank.

Can I use my Citibank ATM card at any ATM inside McCarran Airport? (Including Wells Fargo?)

Do you know if I'd be charged anything?

(I'm non-US resident, just visiting, but have a Citi USA account; so not sure how it works over there)
You will be charged a fee to use the Wells Fargo ATM, but you are able to use it.
Can you take a lap top computer with you in the cabin? As a carry on?
Yes, you can.
Hello, I am arriving from LONDON LGW on a Norwegian Air flight in NOVEMBER arriving at 3pm and am wanting to book a show starting at 730pm and am wondering average times for immigration clearance at that time to gauge possibility of making the show.
I connected from a flight from houston to las vegas On the plane they advice to collect bags from terminal 3. There was no point to clear with immigration, which is strange. You can just exit the airport when bags are collected, saw evwryone was doing so. Is this normal?
can I get from southwest terminal to alligiant in 20 min
We land at Las Vegas airport at 11.40 from San fransico then fly out again to Manchester England with Thomas cook at 13.55 not sure which terminal have we got enough time to do this
What airline are you flying from San Francisco? Do you have checked baggage?
JetBlue & yes we have checked baggage
My elderly mother will be arriving T1 gate C23 and needs to get to ground transportation. Is there a people mover in this terminal or complimentary carts? How often does the green line run? How far is it to walk?
The Green Like constantly shuttles back and forth. If she has that much difficulty getting around perhaps she should request wheelchair service by contacting her airline.
Hi, hoping someone can help me! A few years ago I took a Virgin Atlantic flight shared with Delta, from LGW to LAX vis LAS and when I checked in at Gatwick, they gave me the boarding passes for all my flights. However, on the return flight, when I checked in at LAX (at the Delta area) for some reason I wasn't given a boarding pass for the second leg of the flight and was told I'd get it at the other end at Vegas. Yet when I got to Vegas, I didn't check in again, I just took the internal tram to my next gate, and there was nowhere there (at least not that I could find a machine) to print my boarding pass as I was "airside". I had been given a baggage sticker at LAX that apparently meant my bags had been checked all the way through.

I'm not the most experienced at flying and this was my first time to the U.S. - should I have somehow gone out through customs at Vegas and re checked in again? Or should I have been given all boarding passes at LAX? Hoping someone can help me, as this is putting me off flying in the US again as I'm so scared it's going to happen again and I'll get stuck in an airport or something! :( Thank you in advance. :)
You should have been given both boarding passes at LAX. if there was some technical issue where they could not, you could have gotten it at the gate in Las Vegas. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.