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My car was picked up by my wife, she paid by credit card at the automatic machine, and forgot to retrieve the receipt. How can I get a copy?
Is there really no way to pay a parking ticket from TYS online?
I paid for parking with credit card but did not get a receipt. Is there a way now to get receipt?
Do you pay for your parking beforehand or when you leave?
What happens if you lost your ticket? How much will I need to pay?
How much is the cost at the airport????
Short term lot: 18 per day
Long term lot: 12 per day
Economy lot: 10 per day
All lots are a dollar every 20 minutes until they hit max rate
What are the rates for handicap parking
Full rates apply for handicap,this change happened a few years ago
do you have to pay short term rates to park in the handicap spaces at TYS. Since they discontinued free handicap parking, where is the closest handicap parking.
You are able to park in any of the 3 parking lots (pick the parking rate you want) and contact customer service for golf cart assistance to the terminal. The service is available at 865-342-3180.