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can i get a pass to take my minor child to his gate for his flight
can i get a pass to take my minor child to his gate for his flight
My son is flying from Pittsburgh to tys to pick up his 1 year old. Can I meet him at the gate with her or does he need to come past security? And what is the rules about formula? Can the powder come thru without liquid?
I have not flown in 15 years and now will be flying AA the first part of June. I have an insulin pump and would like information on the procedure for flying with this.
My wife Sharon and I .
Thanks are traveling June 9th to Vegas on Allegent for 7 days.my wife is diabetic and takes 3 shots a day.What is procedure for her to carry on her insulin on board as may be contaminated with check in bags
Thanks for your assistance
Yes, just put it in the bag and she will have zero problem. Thousands of diabetics fly with Insulin every day.
I am traveling from Knoxville tn to moline Illinois with a layover in Chicago, I'm going to need help getting my Mother from gate to gate , can this be set up before time?
Yes, you need to call the airline your Mother is flying and request wheelchair service for her reservation.
Please start flying into knoxville TN we drive all the way to use Southwest to bring family from Chicago & Arizona & Buffalo NY but the drive is getting a bit much. We hate to switch but
It is very unlikely that Southwest will begin flying to Knoxville any time soon.