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Who do I contact to arrange for legally blind passenger assistance?
Can I buy a ticket for someone in another country and them pick it up but can not get a refund there for it
Do you have golf cart - type vehicles in the Memphis Airport to move somewhat handicapped people around like they hav at MSP Airport?
Hi, Is there a drug store/pharmacy at Memphis International Airport?
my husband has a foot problem and can not walk the distance- far even with moving sidewalks- from Baggage Claim to the Parking Garage Rental Car area- how can he get help getting from the Terminal to the Rental Car area?
Request wheelchair service from your airline. If you don't want to do that you can go pick up the car by yourself and then pick him up in the terminal.
Thanks for trying to help.
I am not going or I would not have posted the question- he will be alone- the Airline said they do not leave the terminal with their service. I was hoping for an independent service or if anyone had ever heard of Rental car companies Arrington special pick up service for those that can't walk 200 + yards.
There are conference rooms /work centers at Memphis Airport, between Terminals A & B and at the security checkpoint.
A barber shop for men and women is located in the Ticketing Lobby B-C of MEM Airport, open 7am-8pm.