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OAK Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I will be flying SouthWest on a Tuesday afternoon on a 2:00pm flight, I believe that means I will be flying out of terminal 2. Is there TSA pre-check in terminal 2, and how long are typically are security lines?
Will be flying DELTA from SEA (7am) to OAK (4pm) Terminal 1. Then I flight NORWEGIAN to PARIS (5:30pm) both TERMINAL 1. Just a carry-on (no checked bags). Do I need to clear customs again ? Do I have enough time ?
I fly from Rome into OAK on Saturday and my next flight in 1 h 10 min. I am planning to have only carry on baggage. Would I have enough time to go through custom and catch up my next flight?
had foot surgery need to know if I can hire someone to help my wife from southwest to british airline and carry luggage
Arriving by Norwegian from Europe then onto Southwest, how long should I allow between connections
at least 2.5 hours.
I'm scheduled to arrive at OAK from London, and I have a connection a couple of hours later on a separate reservation on Southwest. Will I be able to recheck my luggage (to Southwest flight) after I clear customs, or will I have to take the bags to Terminal 2?
You have to take your bags to the proper Southwest Check-In desk.
I am flying in SW with Sea Tac as final destination. I have to change planes at Oakland for connecting flight, with 45 min. between flights. Will the two flights be in the same concourse?
Yes, the Oakland airport is not large. That is enough time.
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Oakland Airport recently has added, & soon will add more, concessions. Note that the gate areas of Terminal 2 offer a nice variety of food, drink, and shops.