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I flew from MIA to London after parking in the Flamingo lot. I am returning tomorrow but can't find my parking ticket. Help please
On which terminal does Qatar Airways from Doha arrive? From which terminal does Copa Airlines depart for Panama? Thanks!!
Hello all, I am travelling to US for the first time, transiting via Miami international airport. Could you please help me with the Wifi options available in the airport ? Which are the best wifi options in airport like Xfinitywifi, Boingo ?
Hi, I will be flying out of Miami to Havana on a 9:01 am flight. How early do I realistically need to be? Is it the suggested three hour rule?

Yeah, I'd suggest 3 hours.
Hello, my friend is flying into MIA via Air Canada and I am flying into MIA via Volaris from Mexico. We get in an hour apart. Will we be arriving at the same terminal? Where would be a good place to meet up?
Thanks in advance for any help. 😃
You arrive in different terminals. You could meet a number of different places, just look at a map and agree.
what terminal does interjet from mexico city arrive
Terminal Central-F
I am a Colombian passport holder based in Cali. I am looking to go to the Bahamas next month, and the flights with American are a small percentage of what the Copa flights are. Am I allowed to transit through Miami on to the Bahamas? The layover is only 2 hours. Any help and guidance appreciated
You will need a US Transit Visa in order to transit the US. 2 hours is doable but slightly risky.
I am flying AA from DC to Miami and then have an hour layover in Miami before I carry on to Panama City. I am worried about having to clear customs in that time. Will I go through customs in Miami and will it be enough time? or do I just go through customs once in Panama. Thanks
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do in Miami is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Where does a passenger end up after exiting immigration and customs? Where shall I tell my people to meet me?
That depends what terminal they are arriving in.
ALL international passengers are sent through the same immigration and customs area upon arrival and then, if not connecting to another flight, exit. I want to know where these passengers exit ...
That is completely incorrect. The North Terminal Complex and South Terminal Complex each have their own immigration halls.
thanks, zap. Think I have it figured out. I'll be arriving Terminal D ...
I am picking up some friends who coming from Brazil. There flight gets in at 5:50pm, they have to go through immigration/customs. How long does that take and what time should I leave to pick them up? I am coming from Deerfield Beach.
They likely won't be out any earlier than 6:45