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My husband and I have a 3 hour layover in MIA on Ash Wednesday, late afternoon into early evening. We'd love to participate in an Ash Wednesday service and get our ashes. Will a priest be available then?
Hola,hay alguna sucursal disponible dentro del aeropuerto para xtraer un poco mas de $1.000?viajo el lunes en la mañana y no m dio tiempo,y ya estan cerrados los bancos
Is there a Wells Fargo ATM machine somewhere within the Miami airport?
where can I buy a simcard
I'm flying Mia to LHR and will have 3-4 wait at Miami. I can use the lounge in Term F after security but leave from Term E. Can I use the Lounge then leave F and go to E for my flight through security?
I'm flying to London from Miami Terminal E, I'm going to have 2-3 hours in the airport before my flight and know I can use the lounge in Terminal F after security. Can I go into Term F, use the lounge then come back out and go into Term E for my flight? Thanks for any help.
No. E and F are not connected inside security.
Hi everyone - does anyone know for definite if there is a fast-track/priority security queue for first class customers when going through security/bag check at Concourse F?
Bag check depends on the airline, but most airlines have it, security, yes, there should be one.
Exists site where buy a prepaid sim for cellular inside the airport? Thanks!
No, that won't be possible. Prepaid SIMs aren't a big thing in the US and are only sold at cell phone stores.
I am flying AA and want to use a lounge which is in a deferent concourse. Can I freely access a different concourse after clearing security?
I loved the place
Their manager the Mediterranean guy so funny, we had a great time yesterday morning we felt at 5atars restaurant and they have lunch I didn't know that