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where can I buy a simcard
I'm flying Mia to LHR and will have 3-4 wait at Miami. I can use the lounge in Term F after security but leave from Term E. Can I use the Lounge then leave F and go to E for my flight through security?
I'm flying to London from Miami Terminal E, I'm going to have 2-3 hours in the airport before my flight and know I can use the lounge in Terminal F after security. Can I go into Term F, use the lounge then come back out and go into Term E for my flight? Thanks for any help.
No. E and F are not connected inside security.
Hi everyone - does anyone know for definite if there is a fast-track/priority security queue for first class customers when going through security/bag check at Concourse F?
Bag check depends on the airline, but most airlines have it, security, yes, there should be one.
Exists site where buy a prepaid sim for cellular inside the airport? Thanks!
No, that won't be possible. Prepaid SIMs aren't a big thing in the US and are only sold at cell phone stores.
I am flying AA and want to use a lounge which is in a deferent concourse. Can I freely access a different concourse after clearing security?
Be warned that the officers are extremely irate and seem to get a kick out of scaring passengers. We needed to ask a simple question and the officer screamed at us and accused us of trying to tell him he didn't know how to do his job. How do you get that response when you simply ask " do we need to go to baggage claim again before we connect to our next flight?" Unbelievable, this was after waiting in customs for 2 hours.
I loved the place
Their manager the Mediterranean guy so funny, we had a great time yesterday morning we felt at 5atars restaurant and they have lunch I didn't know that
Amazing food great variety
I love the app Gate Guru. When I land I look at what food and shops are near the terminal and gate I am heading to. Airlines rarely serve food anymore and if they do - it's not what I like nor is it healthy. It helps me grab something healthy and make my flight on time.