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Hi, we group of 4 are coming at 9:20am on AA3377 and taking a connecting flight to San jaun 10:25am on flight AA1254. Can we make it? Any tips will help.
As long as AA3377 is a domestic flight that's enough time. All you have to do in Miami is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hi, we will be arriving from the Bahamas on American at 4:37 pm. I am planning to book a domestic flight on American at 6:10 pm. Will this give us enough time?
Where in the Bahamas are you coming from? If you are coming from Nassau or Freeport you pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in the Bahamas.
Hi I am flying from Heathrow via Miami to San Jose Costa Rica. There should be a 3 1/2 gap in Miami.
Is this enough time.
Do I have to go through customs\ collect luggage etc
Do you know which terminals I will need?
Many thanks
Yes, that should be enough time. You didn't post what airlines you are flying so I don't know what terminals you will be in. If you post the airlines I can help you more.
Yes that was a good senior moment!
I'm flying in BA and out American
You arrive in Terminal E and depart from Terminal D or E. You will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security.
arrive luthansa flight want to get to mia hotel concourse e
After you arrive and clear customs you will be outside security in the South Terminal. You won't be able to get through security without a boarding pass for a flight departing Miami.
I am travelling with my mother from Canada and connecting to Lima. She needs a wheelchair and a transfer from terminal N D01 to Terminal S J16. How much time do we need and how do we do it. We have 1.5 hrs between arrival and departure time
Call American to request wheelchair service. They will take you to the South Terminal and through security and to your gate.
Arriving terminal CE, gate E22 10:59 am. Departing at 12:04 terminal N, gate D42. Can we make this connection? What is the to take to get to D42?
Where are you flying from and to?
Flying from Minneapolis to Miami. Arriving in Miami 10:59, terminal CE, gate E22. Departing Mami 12:04, terminal N, gate 42. What is best route in Miami to make connection.
If both flights are on American then you just follow signs from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I’m flying from Boston arriving in Miami with an hour and 11 minutes layover continuing on to Santa Iago Chile do I have enough time to make this connection
Supposed to be Santiago, Chile
What airlines are you flying? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
American straight thru, 1 reservation
Then that's enough time. All you have to do on the way to Santiago is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I´m arriving with AA en Terminal D at 6pm from Guatemala. I have another ticket with Finnair to Sweden, departing at 11 pm. I understand I have to get my luggage and get to terminal E. Is it enough time? And going from Terminal D to Terminal E, can I make this by foot? Or is there a skytrain connection between these 2 terminals?
That should be plenty of time. Yes, you can easily walk from D to E.
Hi There

I will be arriving Miami Airport from Vienna at 15:30 hours and will be departing at 19.40 hours to go to New Zealand. My question is, do I have enough time to get off the plane and go through immigration to get onto my next flight. Thanks
What airlines are you flying? There are no flights from Miami to New Zealand. Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
This December I will be travelling from San Juan, PR to Heathrow, London via Miami with an in transit wait of about 2 hours. Will i need to go through Border control again as i would have already cleared Border Control at Puerto Rico?
You will not go through Border Control in Puerto Rico when you leave. You also won't in Miami. Puerto Rico is part of the US and there is no US Customs or Border Patrol when leaving the US. All you have to do in Miami is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Thanks for the quick response