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Canadian Citizen flying American Airlines arriving in Miami at 18:56, Scheduled to depart on American Airlines to Toronto at 20:40, about 1:45 layover is that enough time to collect baggage, go through customs and make our connection?
I am arriving on AA from Belize at 1550 hrs and have International connection to Doha on Qatar airways at 1920. I am traveling with some check in bags. Do I have enough time
Hi. I’ll be arriving in MIA from Sao Paulo (4:30 PM LATAM) and then connecting to DFW on AA, no checked bags. Do you think 2h 30min is enough time? Also, do I have to go through security again, because lines can get quite long! Thanks.
My daughter will be returning from Costa Rica on Republic Airlines/American Eagle at 11:59 am. She will have checked one bag. Her connect from MIA to Houston leaves at 2:17 pm. Is 2 hours and 20 minutes enough time to clear customs/immigration, recheck, go through security and reach her gate?
Hi !
I Arrive terminal J - Lufthansa international 2.50 Pm
Can i reach AA terminal D departure 5.35 Pm
Dont have to go bagage claim.
Thank HJ
I arrive st 854pm and my connecting flight leaves at 11 pm. Arriving at terminal H and leave out of F. We have to pick up our bags from delta and check in at BOA. What should we do?
I have only a 49 minute time period to get from my LAX arrival flight to my flight to San Juan, both on American Airlines. Is that enough time?
I am flying from Austin TX to Miami FL via American Airlines, then flying out on LATAM airlines to Santiago Chile. Do I have to pick up bags and recheck them, or are they checked to destination from Austin? Also, I am scheduled to arrive in Miami Terminal D at 8:32 and will fly out Terminal J at 10PM. Is that enough time between flights to make it onto the international flight?
Hi I have a question, i am flying from orlando to Miami . I am a belgium wit E2 visa . Do I have to go trough customs if i fly from orlando to Miami?
I am looking into a flight from LA to Miami, then Miami to San Jose, Costa Rica. .. The layover in Miami is 1 hour 52 minutes. Is this enough time for the layover to make the international flight? I am a US citizen, will be checking bags, on same airline-American. The flight arrives leaves LA at 12:30 AM and arrives into Miami at 8:49 AM