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How much does is cost to check luggage? Pretty sure we can't fit everything we want to take in our carry-ons.
What airline? You say you are flying nonstop buffalo to Punta Cana and then you posted this in the Miami forum, implying you are stopping in Miami, which is the case?
We're flying Miami Air from Buffalo, non stop to Punta Cana. And back the same way.
You'll have to ask the tour operator you bought the package from. Miami Air is not a scheduled airline.
Please let is know the terminal normally BA 1528 arrives?
Please let is know the terminal normally BA 1528 arrives?
I will be returning from Cuba via American and then boarding a flight also on American back to California. How long should I allow to get through Customs< Can I check my bag all the way though to CA when I leave Cuba?
My friends will arrive at MIA at different times after I arrive (senior citizen). After collecting my checked bag, I will need a place to sit to wait for them for app. 2 hours. Are there chairs in Baggage Claim where we plan to meet? If not where can I go until their flights arrive?
I will be traveling from LHR to Miami and then 4 hours later to Rio de Janeiro, it is all one ticket. I want to check a bag in, but with a few presents for my friend in Miami. Will I be able to take my checked in bag out and remove the things that are for her? Will the baggage tag be the same all the way through to GIG or will they issue a new baggage tag in MIA? And will I be ok to go out of the airport and then get back in?
My niece checked in Newark with American to Bogota Colombia with a stop in Miami. She received both boarding passes one to Mia and the other to Bog and bag tags up to Bogota so the question is does she has to claim bags in Miami and put them in the connection belt? If she decides to stay in Miami can she get her bag?
Her bags go straight through to Bogota. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
Thank you!
I am travelling from Quito Ecuador through Miami and on to Toronto. My lay over in Miami is only 2hrs. All flights are with AA. Will my bags be checked through to Toronto. I don't think I'll have enough time to get them and clear customs and security correct?
You should have enough time.
Can anyone provide the "DOOR" number travelers would use to check in for a Delta Airlines flight to Cuba from MIA? I believe it is South Terminal (H gates) but would love to have a door # to provide for some clients. Maybe there is only one door for South Terminal? Trying to determine a good meeting spot for the group. Thanks for your time!
Actually heard back today from Miami Airport Customer Service with exactly the information I needed. Good to know this forum exists however.
Hello All, I am travelling to Memphi, TN from India. MY journey is via Mumbai -> Doha -> Miami -> Memphis. Till Miami i am travelling in Qatar airways and to Memphis in American Airlines. My questions is regarding baggage collection and CBP clearance. Do i have to collect my checked in bags in Miami? If so do i have to cross the CBP check point with the bags ? Also are there any paid/free wifi available in the airport ?
Yes, you will have to collect your bags in Miami to take them through US Customs, then you will re-check your bags at the re-check desk. Wifi at MIA is paid http://www.miami-airport.com/wi-fi.asp
Thanks You ZAP, I have seen in Dallas airport where i need to collect my baggage and place it again in another domestic transfer conveyer belt before going for CBP. so Miami is a bit different :)