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I love skating and I recently saw a video of a man skating at the airport. I was wondering whether it is allowed for me to skate between gates and throughout the airport? Thank You :)
traveling from San Jose CR to Dominican Republic via Miami. Is 2 hrs and 14 minutes enough in Miami? One US citizen and one Costa Rican citizen
Arriving from Ireland inn March 22 and require wheelchair from plane to airport taxi rank . I understand this is a free service but how do you book the wheelchair please ?
I am arriving at Miami on AA from St Croix USVI and have a transfer onto AA flight to London Heathrow but it is only 40 minutes. How will that work? HELP!!!!
Actually it's 50 minutes. Will it help to have only carry on bag or will it not matter?
Where are the shoe shine stations at MIA?
Flying with BA to MIA from LHR. I heard there is a new immigration process at the central terminal using facial recognition in Miami. Can you still use APC kiosks or is the new process quicker? Thx
It is good.
I need help locating a lost religious artifact ay MIA. Is there a chaplain who can help me navigate lost and found?
Need a wheelchair at the curb
When you request wheelchair service from your airline, a wheelchair can be summoned to the curb when you arrive.
My WestJet flight from Toronto lands at 10:50am Saturday - we will need to clear customs and be to the cruise ship port by 3pm at the latest! Will we have enough time (based on the usual waits) to clear customs, grab our bags and be to the cruise port in early afternoon?? thx
You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do after arriving in Miami is claim your bags and head to the port. You have plenty of time.