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Good evening . I am writing to you about the loss of my luggage on the flight that your airline was making ( AEGEAN AIRLINES). Direct flight from Milan (Malpensa airport) to Athens (ATH) on February 12 at 10:50, flight number A3661. When I checked in at check-in - I felt sick and absent-minded, and for this reason I did not see 100% of the behavior and all the steps of your employee who registered me on the flight. maybe she just forgot to stick a sticker on my luggage. This girl also did not stick a luggage tag on my ticket, and I did not pay attention to it, because some airlines do not glue these stickers now.

After arriving in Athens, I sat for about an hour in the baggage claim area and could not find my suitcase among the luggage. I turned to the staff and they helped to draw up an act of losing my luggage. I would like to make some clarifications in this act. Now I am in Moscow and I will wait for my luggage at the Sheremetyevo airport, my phone number, where you can contact me: +7 915-182-0202.

Baggage is a black Samsonite bag, similar to leather material, it is soft, with two handles and has two wheels and a rod that I hid behind the lock. Unfortunately, in my life nothing like this happened before, so I did something stupid - I put perishable food (apples, pears and cheese) in a suitcase.And now I'm very worried that if the search for this bag is delayed - these products will rot and spoil all of my things that are inside the bag.
Inside the bag is a small amount of home clothes and pajamas, underwear, a black coat, a gray coat (Calvan Klein), a brown handbag (Karavan Petrol) in vintage style and a black ladies' bag (Versus), a transparent cosmetic bag, one pair of dark blue shoes Heeled, One voluminous case with shampoos, balm, skin care products, two dresses, a leather skirt, leather leggings, a white shirt and one old jeans.

I guess this bag was lost at the Malpensa airport, because there is a possibility that the girl who registered me on the flight - just forgot to stick a sticker on my bag. Please take measures to find my baggage as soon as possible, because the fruits that are inside this bag will rot and ruin all my things.

Best regards.
Grigoruk Daria ( +7 915 182 0202)