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Not really a question. More of a statement.
It would be EXTREMELY helpful if there was information on-line that indicates a person may park (temporarily) in the red zone in front of the Lost and Found Office while retrieving their item(s). Why isn't this extremely important piece of info. included in the Lost and Found info.????
Where at San Jose international do I return my hearts car rental?
I dropped off my adult daughter at SJC on Sunday for her trip to Washington, DC. She uses a wheelchair to get around. Most of the departure drop off lane was curbed the length of Terminal A. The only place that was ramped was a lane that was shared by buses which seemed to arrive every few minutes. That is where I stopped to unload her because there was also a small sign there that said wheelchair departure. (I wish I had taken a picture of this sign.) The whole time I was unpacking the chair (wheels pop off) from the trunk, helping her transfer, and adding her backpack to the chair, buses were trying to enter my lane. They hovered, then released their passengers behind me or went around me. It really made me nervous. I kept pointing to the handicapped sign for the bus drivers information. I was parked at the farthest end of the ramp area I could get to without being blocked by the curb. Is this really the best that can be done for this otherwise wonderful airport? This summer I traveled to airports in three different countries and four different states. I have yet to see anything as embarrassing, humiliating, or unsafe as the wheelchair departure area at Terminal A, SJC. Please work to change this situation.
We're traveling to Mexico (via LAX connecting flight) on a flight that departs at 6:05AM. How early should we arrive at the airport if we're checking 2 bags?
4:15 AM if you can.
wondering how many hrs to arrive for check in and security when airplane leaves at 2pm. is it true you have line for 70 yrs old and older for faster check in?
USO finally has a new permanent home located at street level of Airport Blvd, between Terminals A & B (no access from inside the terminals). Tel: 408-288-7603; fax 408-288-7621
While you can make early arrangements for a wheelchair by contacting your airline, you can also request assistance from any SkyCap at San Jose Aport, by using the courtesy phone and dialing 55.