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Are all the security checkpoints at MSP Term. 1 now open again after installation of new equipment?
We have a 7am flight Friday morning, how much should we allow for security clearance?
Security lines at MSP are generally pretty short. If you don't have to check bags, arriving at 6 should be fine. If you have to check bags arrive a bit earlier.
Flying from Bismarck, ND - Minneapolis - Punta Cana, DR. We only have a 35 minute layover in Minneapolis. Will this be enough time to make a connecting flight?
It's enough time if the first flight is on-time but obviously leaves no time to spare if it's not.
my son does not have the yellow copy for his license , he changed address will he beable to get on the plane or should he go to the DMV Monday?
He needs some sort of identification if he is over 18.
Arrive f12 from sea, departing a11 to tvc. How long does it take to get f12 to a11?
Arrive f12 from sea, departing a11 to tvc. How long does it take to get f12 to a11?
My family and I are flying out of the main terminal at 7am on Saturday September 23rd. How early do we need to arrive to go through security and make it to our flight on time?
You should get there at about 5:30.
I'm traveling on 7/2 from ATL to MSP and then on to KEF (Reykjavik, Iceland). I have about a 3 hour layover. Is that enough time to make my connecting flight to KEF? Where do I go through customs on the outbound flight? When I traveled to Rome it was a direct flight and we went through US customs in ATL for the outbound flight. Thanks,
There is no US Customs when leaving the US, so no, you did not go through customs in ATL on your outbound flight. If both flights are on Delta all you have to do in MSP is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Lots of local news about crazy long security lines. Ifly shows last couple days as 10-20 min during most times. Is that now accurate?? Trying to plan accordingly but don want to cut it to close.
The more recent news articles have said that it has gotten better. Maybe not as good as it used to be, but better than it was at its worst. I would get there 90 minutes before your flight as long as your plans allow that.