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I have a puppy being flown to msp terminal 1, where do I pick him up
Need password for map free wi fi
We traveled with an adult man with special needs who is unable to bear weight and developmentally delayed. We went all over MSP airport looking for a place to change his brief. Nobody we asked was able to tell us if there was anywhere to accommodate him. In fact, they had never had anyone ask that question before. We were directed to lay him on the bathroom floor of all places which we can’t because a) it’s gross to think about and b) he’s a grown man and unable to help with the transfer to the floor. Just before we were ready to change him in front of everyone on a random bench, we had a massage place reconsider and allowed us to use a table in a private room to complete our mission. Meanwhile we passed a couple ‘pet relief areas’ for dogs to be able to relieve themselves. All we need is a table about hip or waist high to lay down an adult size body to change a brief. It should fit in a companion bathroom or use part of a pet station?
Are there any plans to accommodate this population?
Hi,I am a Canadian citizen. I will be travelling from Saskatoon to Manchester ,NH. The first layover of my journey is in Minneapolis. Do I go through US Customes in Minneapolis, or do I go through customs in Saskatoon? My layover is only 1 hr and 15 minutes in Minneapolis, do I have enough time to make my next flight if I have to clear customs in Minneapolis?
Since Saskatoon doesn't have US Immigration or Customs Preclearance you will have to go through US Immigration and Customs in Minneapolis. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Where is gate 1
MSP doesn't have a "Gate 1".
Are all the security checkpoints at MSP Term. 1 now open again after installation of new equipment?
We have a 7am flight Friday morning, how much should we allow for security clearance?
Security lines at MSP are generally pretty short. If you don't have to check bags, arriving at 6 should be fine. If you have to check bags arrive a bit earlier.
Flying from Bismarck, ND - Minneapolis - Punta Cana, DR. We only have a 35 minute layover in Minneapolis. Will this be enough time to make a connecting flight?
It's enough time if the first flight is on-time but obviously leaves no time to spare if it's not.
my son does not have the yellow copy for his license , he changed address will he beable to get on the plane or should he go to the DMV Monday?
He needs some sort of identification if he is over 18.