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I am arriving Nov. 3 at 9:08am and have to catch a 10:00am shuffle to Rochester. Do I have plenty of time to walk there comfortably? Thanks!
Arriving at a D gate and departing from an F gate. Would it be best to take the tram?
I willl be fying in on Delta. How do I get to Alamo car rental to pick up my rental car
What is the Arrival door for Air France on lower (baggage) level?
I arrive MSP tomorrow morning via Sun Country at humpfrey 2 and want to return it to take a United flight on Monday. Where should I turn my car in to get the shortest walk to the United counter?
To get to the rental cars and ground transportation at MSP Airport, cross the skyway at the Humphrey Terminal 2 to the parking ramp; then take the stairs or elevator down to Level 1 of the parking garage.
To connect from the Humphrey Terminal to the Lindbergh Terminal, you can use the light rail at the transit station, a five-minute walk. To get there, you need to take the skyway to the parking ramp second level, follow signs, and walk through the parking ramp to the transit station.