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Where is level 3 Gold? How do I get there?
If I need to leave a vehicle in value parking, for a person who is flying in a day later, can my immediate ride follow me into the ramp and not be charged upon exiting? Or is it better to just park the car that is being left, and walk down to the street level to be picked up?
Any car entering will have to pay something to exit.
How much will it cost for long term parking 1-28/ 2-1? Should we reserve a spot?
Do I need a reservation to park in long term parking
No, you do not.
How do I access valet parking and cost/day - parking for 3 days Friday morning to Sunday afternoon
what are long term parking rates at terminal 2?
Terminal 1 at MSP is now $22 a day.
Parking at Lindbergh Terminal 1 of MSP is available at the green, gold, blue & red ramps located inside of the square surrounding Concourses D-G & C, and can be accessed by Glumack Drive, a left-lane exit from Hwy 5.