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MSP Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Delta 1st class seats from LgA (nyc) to SJD ( Cabo .MX) connection in MSP at. 8 am Thurs end Feb -56mins fir flight to Cabo

56 mins enough time to get onto second flight departing at 9 am?
Arriving on Nov 3rd on DL 622 from BOI. Leaving on DL 1366 for Boston. Only have 33 minutes. Do I have enough time to connect...do I need a golf cart? Any idea of concourses and gates?
What time should I check in for a 6:25 flight on Delta on Tuesday morning? Domestic flight.
I have 38 minutes to arrive (domestic) and depart (international)? Can my family and I arrange an "airport golf cart" to help us make it in time?
I'm coming in on Delta 2919 on August 6, 2019 at 10:40 a.m. and then departing on Delta 4230 at 11:25 a.m. on the same date. At what gate and concourse am I arriving and at what gate and concourse am I departing? Do I have enough time to make my connection? Thanks.
New to this airport.
What is approximate distance between Level 1 gate B12 and Level 1 gate C3? I have a recovering knee surgery and will have second knee operation 9/18.
I am flying in a dog from Amsterdam do I need a Customs broker to get her < I have not needed it before ?
July 6, Delta Flight 3984 Arrives at 12:04pm at what Concourse and Gate at MSP and our connecting flight Delta 801 to MCO departure time 1:00pm loads at what Concourse and Gate?
Both on Delta: In from DEN on Flt 1779. 50 minutes ground time in a wheelchair. Out to LHR on Delta Flt 010. That's the way they scheduled it....can I make it? On a Wednesday, May 29th. Thx!