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MSP Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What is approximate distance between Level 1 gate B12 and Level 1 gate C3? I have a recovering knee surgery and will have second knee operation 9/18.
I am flying in a dog from Amsterdam do I need a Customs broker to get her < I have not needed it before ?
July 6, Delta Flight 3984 Arrives at 12:04pm at what Concourse and Gate at MSP and our connecting flight Delta 801 to MCO departure time 1:00pm loads at what Concourse and Gate?
Both on Delta: In from DEN on Flt 1779. 50 minutes ground time in a wheelchair. Out to LHR on Delta Flt 010. That's the way they scheduled it....can I make it? On a Wednesday, May 29th. Thx!
This is the only flight to MSP to BZN that will work for our timing. Next flight means we will miss a very important human connection. Never been to MSN. Flying early morning flight from LEX to MSP to BZN. What are the odds that we can make the connection to BZN? Help?
which concourse do the Rhinelander Wi flights come in on Delta?
After rceiving boarding pass and going thru security, can I go to 2nd airline and list at their gate?

Roy H
We have flight from Amsterdam to Las Vegas, with a changeover in Minneapolis. we are 5 people with luggage en special luggage (sportsgear). we only have 1,38 minutes for Entry, collect luggage ,custom clearance and drop luggage and go to the right gate. will this be enough?
thanks in advance.
I am flying from the UK but through Amsterdam onto Minneapolis and then onto Wichita. I land in the US at 15.22 and have to catch the Wichita connection at 17.45 pm, Will that be enough time to clear immigration and make the connection?
I am flying to Cancun from Marquette MI with a layover of 1hr and 15mins in MSP, will I have to go through security again in MSP? And if so, will I have enough time to catch my next flight.
My flight from MSP to Cancun leave MSP at 9:10am
You will not have to go through security again. You should have enough time to get from gate to gate.