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I'm travelling Delta on both flights and have 1hour transfer time but am flying BWI-MSP and then MSP to Vancouver, since the second haul is an international flight will i have to pick up my check in luggage and go thru security again?
I need to go from gate a8 to g14 and only have 30 minutes. Is there tips to make this go quickly? Or will I not make itt
Hi, in 3 weeks, we will be flying from Rapid City to MSP with Skywest, then MSP to Paris with Air France. I understand that we'll have to change terminals, is that correct ? We have some check-in luggage. Does that mean we have to pick them up, then change terminals, check-in again, and go through security again ? We have 3 hours.
Thanks for your assistance.
You will not need to change Terminals in Minneapolis. Delta and Air France are both out of Terminal 1.
We will be flying from Detroit to Minneapolis, then connecting to Reykjavik. We are changing airlines, but only with carry-on luggage. We have heard that it may be necessary to leave the domestic terminal and go through security again in the international terminal. I am wondering if this is necessary and if so, about how long this would take. Anyone travel internationally with this situation? Also, our Iceland Air connecting flight does not allow electronic check-in. Can you check in at the gate, or is is necessary to go to the departures check-in desk?
Delta just notified me of a change for an upcoming flight. I will be flying from BWI to BIS and my layover has just been reduced from 45 to 32 minutes. Is this doable, or should I request a change? I can move through the airport fairly quickly.
I am on this same flight, but have not been notified. What did you decide on?
will 1.5 hours be enough time to connect in MSP for my destination to Iceland? Flying Delta

Will 42 minutes be enough time to make my connection to Iceland. It is coming up in August 2018. I am flying on Delta.
Yes, 42 minutes in Terminal One at MSP is enough but only if your first flight is on-time. Terminal 1 is a big place and interesting to navigate.

I am flying out of Kansas City and will be connecting in Minneapolis to go to Iceland. Will 42 minutes be enough time to make the connection. It is really making me nervous. It isn't until August 2018 though. Better to know now then later.
I want to fly from Tokyo (HND) Delta flight 120 to Minneapolis-St Paul and then Delta flight 6232 to St. Louis, MO as my final destination. The layover time in Minneapolis-St.Paul is 1 hour and 28 minutes. Will that allow me enough time?
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I have a connection time of 1 hour between my arrival on a Delta flight and departure on an international Air France flight. I'm not checking any bags. Is this typically enough time to transfer? How long does it take to reach the terminal for my international flight?
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Yes, that is enough time. Both flights are in the same terminal. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.