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MSP Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Flying from Korea and flying out to Cleveland.

Is the luggage claim, customs, and transfer check-in near each other?
Flight is in 2 months.
I will be frying into MSP from Korea, arrive 18:00,
connecting flight to Cleveland at 19:25.
Would this be enough time to arrive, pass thru immigrations and customs, and catch domestic flight? Both are Delta flights.
Is 57 minutes enough time to change from one delta flight to the next connecting delta flight
I will be flying into MSP gate A with a 35 min layover to gate F I believe that is the gate for flights to ATL I know this is going to be difficult but is it possible to make the connection flight or should I look for an alternate flight?
How do i request a cart to baggage claim
How much time is needed to switch terminals at MSP, and is the Lightrail outside of TSA, and therefore requires re-entry through security?
Before I confirm my booking please advise if Delta flight 2555 that has an approximate connecting flight time of about 40 min to catch Delta flight 1826 is enough time to make the connection. Thank you in advance
Delta 1st class seats from LgA (nyc) to SJD ( Cabo .MX) connection in MSP at. 8 am Thurs end Feb -56mins fir flight to Cabo

56 mins enough time to get onto second flight departing at 9 am?
Arriving on Nov 3rd on DL 622 from BOI. Leaving on DL 1366 for Boston. Only have 33 minutes. Do I have enough time to connect...do I need a golf cart? Any idea of concourses and gates?
What time should I check in for a 6:25 flight on Delta on Tuesday morning? Domestic flight.