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When I'm being dropped off by a taxi, I have four bags so I need to obtain a baggage cart. Are the baggage carts available where taxis leave me off inside the door on the departures level? Or, do I need to be left off at the arrivals/baggage level to access a cart?
Can I bring one carry-on and a backpack and a CPAP machine
Probably, as long as your CPAP fits under the seat in front of you with the backpack.
My mother is being dropped off by a passenger service. They said if she had requested a wheel chair they will drop her off on the same side of airport as others instead of the passenger service side. I need to no which door that will be at so my daughter can meet her there as they are traveling together.

I will be flying in from AMS to MSP mid january and back the sunday night. How long will the immigration take?
And when should I be at the airport for baggage check & immgration when the plane leaves at 10pm?

Thank you
Is there any longterm parking for wheelchair accessible vehicles? If off-site, would need a shuttle to accommodate person in a wheelchair. Otherwise, what are the options/costs at the airport?
I am traveling into MSP via Paris and then connecting to another domestic flight. In Paris they have an airport policy that you cannot use your own personal strollers in their airport or check your stroller into the plane gate side. They require you to check your stroller in to your final destination. This means that when I arrive in MSP, I will have to collect my stroller with my checked luggage after passing through Passport Control. Is there a separate collection area for the stroller than from regular luggage? Is this process quick? I have 1hr 40min connection and I'm hoping this is enough time.
How far is it to the baggage claim area from the Delta Terminal at MSP? I was there once before and I'm not sure if I went the wrong way, but it seemed to take FOREVER to get to the baggage claim from my gate at Delta. I felt like I was walking and walking for an hour!
I will be arriving at concourse F and need to get to B. It looks like B is detached from the rest of the building - how do I get there and is 45 minutes enough time?
B is connected to A by an underground walkway, it hardly takes any time at all to get there. You have enough time.
Am traveling with my 8 month old baby through MSP to Amsterdam. I have a stroller, a large purse and hand luggage. Can I get a cart to transport me from one gate to the other?
Carts are for people with disabilities.

We are canadian citizens and will be travelling MIA-MSP-YVR at christmas. We have family in MSP and just under a 4 hour layover. We wanted to go visit them briefly then back through security.

My question: since we are canadian citizens and our next leg is international (arriving in vancouver), will we be allowed to leave airport and will we have to go through customs and immigration in MSP? usually we go through immigration on arrival in vancouver, but I didn't know if things would differ because we are exiting security and ir port in MSP.
Yes, you are allowed to leave the airport. There is no US Immigration when leaving the US or when traveling on domestic flights in the US. All you have to do when you return is go through security, the same as you will in Miami.
Thanks. I was thinking that would be the case since I was already in the states (miami) and went through immigration when I arrived in miami. I just wasn't sure, what with the next leg ending in another country, if that might effect things,

Thank you for your quick reply :)