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Is there any accommodationspecific in the airport for people with autism...expedited TSA checkin?
Hi traveling Indian passport from India to Phoenix.
Air France from India to Paris-
Paris to MSP
Two hour stopover before my connecting flight to Phoenix by delta airline
Will this time be enough for immigration and baggage transfer
I am arriving June 13 with a group of 30 travelers. The site says Delta, our airline, has a group check in on Level T of Terminal 1. We will be arriving on a coach bus. Please give me directions that I can pass on to the driver on where exactly to drop off our group.
Arriving at MSP from STL and then to Amsterdam on Delta for both flights. If we don't have a connecting flight coming or going. How much time should we allow between flights? We will have to claim our luggage and check in each time, going through customs on arrival back from Amsterdam. Thanks
2 Q's:1) when travelling on Delta from billings to Toronto with a stop over in Minneapolis, do I have to go through security again in Minneapolis? 2) I have a 37 minute layover & travelling with a handicapped individual, will Delta provide me with assistance to get to my next plane on time?
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. If the handicapped individual requests wheelchair assistance they will assist in moving him or her between gates. You can request wheelchair assistance by calling Delta.
meeting a nephew traveling solo, no checked baggage. - he arrives United Concourse E, I believe. where is short term parking? where can I meet him? Looks like E gates are Level 3. MSP official website says in one place short term parking in Gold ramp Level 3 and another says Pink or Brown ramps Level 1 ? Confused
Just follow the signs when you get to the Lindbergh Terminal. You can't actually meet him at E, you'll have to meet him in the baggage claim for the Lindbergh terminal.
Thank You for your quick reply, ZAP - my nephew tends to get turned around - how close to E can I meet him?? what level is E ? where can I get him to plant himself once he clears from the security zone? any ideas? prominent displays?
E is only on the departures level (3). It is inside security. You cannot go inside security. Tell him to go to the United baggage claim. You could meet him there.
Flying from LONDON to MSP and then on to SAN DIEGO with Delta with 3 small kids. US passport holders. 2 hours between flights in afternoon. Will we have enough time?
Yes, that is enough time.
Hello there,
How long before my flight would you advise that I need to arrive at the airport? I am in Minneapolis for business and want to utilise as much of my time as possible before having to depart for the airport.
If it's a domestic flight and you don't have bags to check, an hour is sufficient.
Hi there! I'm returning to LHR from a trip to NYC via MSP during April. The layover is 1hr12mins. I'll have check in baggage as well as carry on. Do you know if i'll need to collect checked in baggage and check it back in again? And do you think 1hr12mins is enough time? Thanks
If both flights are on the same reservation you don't havet o do anything with your bags in MSP. Just go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I'm flying with Delta from SFO to Amsterdam and have 1 hour for the connecting flight in MSP. I have 1 check-in baggage. Do I need to check out my baggage, check it in, and go again through customs? Is 1 hr enough for these?
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do in MSP on your way to Amsterdam is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.