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YUL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

We will be arriving at Air Canada from Pittsburgh with a 1hour 10 min layover before our Air Canada flight to Frankfurt. I was just wondering, what the arrival procedure is to continue to our international flight, and if we have enough time. We will only have carry on luggage.
Thank You.
Hi, I'm flying in from Boston to Montreal on Air Canada and connecting thru to St Lucia. Is 49 min enough time to get to international flight and do I have to clear customs.
would like to know which outside terminal for Sunwing drop of customer
arriving Air Canada gate 49. Departing Air Canada Gate A5. Is gate A5 the same as Gate 5?
I'm really confused because usually when arriving from an international place as soon as you get off the plane you're loaded onto a hallway above the departures area all the way to Canadian customs hall. Usually connections keep on going straight but with if I'm connecting from an international place to the U.S.A. How will I be directed to the trans border jetty as Departures point C is far from there.
I'm flying United Airlines from Dulles Airport, arrival time at YUL is 6:55....connecting flight (united Airlines) to CDG is at 7:55. I'm not sure of the gates but will there be sufficient time... no checked-in luggage. Would really appreciate a response.
Connections at Montreal-Trudeau (YUL) are fairly easy. All the terminals are tied together, so you can walk from one to another. Domestic and International share the same terminal and you can walk through both with any of these two tickets/boarding passes. The security checkpoint marks the virtual barrier between the two.
The only hassle is switching between the main terminal and the US terminal. Since the USA has imposed border pre-clearance, passenger to/from the US "quarantined" in the separate terminal. Check with your airline that your check-in luggage (if applicable) is labelled to your final destination, so that you don't have to re-check them at YUL. You must follow the procedures like any other international arrival and proceed through customs, however, just before getting to the public arrivals area (glass door on your right hand), continue straight to the sign for "Connections."
On Aug 27, 2018 I'm arriving from LAX at 5;18 PM, I have to catch a flight at 6:00 PM to OTP do I have time to catch a flight and my luggage to be transferred to the OTP flight?
On Jan 17th flying out of Ottawa yow at 5.45 and arriving at 6.33 to Montreal my connection flight is at 7.30 to lax at terminal 6 do I have time to connect my flight
Traveling to PIT from Ottawa with a stop over in Montreal. Is 1 hour 08 min enough time to make the connection?
Arriving gate 66 from YHZ at 6:08pm and leaving from gate A50 at 7:05. How far apart are these gates? Travelling with an older adult. He is mobile but cannot run. Do we have time to get to our gate for our Rome flight?