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YUL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Flying into YUL from St John with an 80 layover before flight to New York - we will be booking both flights on a single Air Canada ticket. Is this connection achievable ( Air Canada recommendation is a minimum 55minutes)?
I am coming in on a flight arriving at gate 74 in the transborder zone and going to a flight in the international area at gate 61. From the information I have, I can't figure it out and I need to because I only have roughly 40 minutes to get between these planes. Help?!?
Layover is only 1 hour 15 min btw arriving domestic flight and departing international flight at Montreal QC (YUL) airport. What is the distance btw the Westjet domestic arrival and Air France international gates?
AC480 depart 6:30am Toronto arriving 7:45am Montreal, with 45 minutes layover, then AC1516 depart 8:30am to Quebec City.
Any experience if 45 minutes is good to connect, I've only carry-on.
Thanking you all.
Departing YQM, connecting in YUL proceeding to ORD. Will I collect checked bag in YUL to clear customs or will it go straight through to ORD? Flying AC
Is one hour layover sufficient to connect on Sunday morning?
Hello all. I will be traveling to an international destination in June from Orlando FL. I have a stop in YUL with 2-hour layover. Would that be long enough? I have never gone through Canada before and don't know what to expect. I'll be flying on air canada both flights.
We will be arriving at Air Canada from Pittsburgh with a 1hour 10 min layover before our Air Canada flight to Frankfurt. I was just wondering, what the arrival procedure is to continue to our international flight, and if we have enough time. We will only have carry on luggage.
Thank You.
Hi, I'm flying in from Boston to Montreal on Air Canada and connecting thru to St Lucia. Is 49 min enough time to get to international flight and do I have to clear customs.
would like to know which outside terminal for Sunwing drop of customer
arriving Air Canada gate 49. Departing Air Canada Gate A5. Is gate A5 the same as Gate 5?