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YUL Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Arriving gate 66 from YHZ at 6:08pm and leaving from gate A50 at 7:05. How far apart are these gates? Travelling with an older adult. He is mobile but cannot run. Do we have time to get to our gate for our Rome flight?
We are arriving in Montreal at 6:37 pm - have to get luggage and be at the international terminal for a 8:10 pm flight to Paris. Is this going to be enough time.
Hello, We are flying into Montreal from Newark and have a 41 minute layover for our flight to Lisbon. Will we make this connection? Thank you!
GDS prompts check connecting time for flights WS 3514 24JUN YYZYUL ariving 0756H and AC 8964 24JUN YULYYY departing 1540H with approx 8 hrs layover. please advise if this is safe or if not, the minimum connecting time required
My sister traveling with child from India. Will be landing in YUL and connecting flight to YYZ.
Does she need to collect her baggage and clear customs even if it is tagged all the way to YYZ?
Just want to have some clarity as it's her first visit to Canada.
Have 60 minutes between landing at noon from Ireland and departing at 1pm to Toronto. Have to clear customs, go through security, and board. Is this even possible?
Arriving from Calgary on Westjet and catching a flight to Paris on Air Transat. I will have luggage. I have two hours and 20 minutes once landed and boarding for Paris. Does this leave me enough time to collect my luggage and get to the international terminal?
Ann, based on my conversations with Air Canada, the Montreal International Airport is fairly small. You should be fine, in my opinion. Take a look at the airport map.
I have a flight booked with AC from moncton to calgary, connection to YUL. We only have 50 minutes between flights and was wiondering the approximate walking distance between arrivals from Moncton and departure to Calgary
Flying from LaGuardia into YUL and then onto an hour and 5 minutes enough...not planning on having any checked baggage, only carry on. Thank you.
flying back to YUL from Quebec City on AirCanada...then need to be on a flight to LA thru Toronto on West Jet. Is 1 hr 40 minutes enough time for that transfer between airlines?