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Please tell me how to book or find a PORTER to help us with our luggage at the International Arrivals Area on Wednesday,
April 4,2018.
We arrive on Swissair #86 at 3:10 PM. Merci!!!
Hi I am coming to Montreal in a few weeks for work and I was planning to take the bus & subway to travel around during my trip. However I land at 11:45pm and will be staying in Longueuil. So my question is what would be the best way to get to Longueuil at this hour? Is taxi the only option or are buses and subways still active at this hour? Do the taxi take me all the way to longueuil?
Arriving from Ottawa and travelling to Miami, all on Air Canada. Do I have to go through security in Montreal in addition to US customs?
I would like to know how I can drop off a disabled passenger and her bags at the Departures drop-off area and then drop off our rental car without leaving the airport. The problem is that the turnoff for car return in well before the departures dropoff. Could one drop off a car after using the arrivals area?
US citizens, Air Canada - only 60 minutes layover YUL
Is process rapid (customs, passport check?)
Will entry to YUL require baggage claim/recheck for subsequent short hop to YQB?
- Thanks in advance -
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Coming to YUL for vacation in Montreal. Flight from US. US citizen. US passport. Global Entry Card. Will arrive in "Transborder Terminal". Will need wheelchair assistance for my wife and I (U.S. airline supposed to provide upon YUL arrival - ha!). I hear of very long Canadian Customs lines. With all of this data, what help/shortcuts are available to us?
where do I go to pick up my mother at dorval airport arriving from vancouver
I am traveling to your airport from USA. And will connect then to Milan Italy. After,clearing customs do I have to obtain my luggage. And then carry it to the gate of my next flight? Or will the airline just keep it and route it on my next flight?
We are flying with 2 small dogs from Halifax through Montreal to Fort Lauderdale. How easily is it to move through the airport? Moving through Toronto Airport is terrible and takes a great deal of time. Is it much smoother going through US customs in Montreal? Thank you
Yes, Montreal handles far fewer transborder passengers than Toronto.
Hi, we are flying from Halifax and arrives in YUL at 6pm. We will have two and half hours layover before taking a bus to Quebec. What can we do during this two and half hours? Any restaurants in the domestic arrival terminal?

Many thanks.