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will 50 min layover be enough to make a flicht from nuernberg to munich and the get to the flight from Munich to Washington Dulles with united airlines
I am flying into MUC Airport on American Airlines & will need to get to where ever El Al terminal is located. Are American Airlines and El Al in same terminal???

What do I need to do to get a down vest returned to me that was left on a Lufthansa plane after flying from JFK to Munich Flight #411 on NOv. 21, 2018 ?
I'll be traveling from Munich Airport to Pisa,It for a week stay. I need at place at or near the
Munich Airport to store most of my luggage while I'm gone. Any Ideas?
We have a flight arriving from Denver, Co Terminal 2 on Lufthansa June 15, with a 50 minute connection to Milan also Terminal 2 on Lufthansa. Can we make the connection?
Are all Luftansa arrival and departure flights located in the same terminal? If so, which one? Thank you.
We have a potential flight with a connecting time of one hour and fifteen minutes [75 min.].
We need to connect from gate G36 to gate L21. Is one hour and fifteen minutes [75 min.] enough time?
Where are you coming from and where are you going?
Coming from ATH, flight #LH1751, Gate G36 and Going to SFO, flight LH458, Gate L21. One hour and fifteen minute layover [1:15 min]. both gates are in terminal two [2]. From everything I've read so far, we should have enough time to make it. Yes?
I will arive at Munich on Luftansa flight #1801 from Madrid in order to Make connecting Luftansa flight # DL434 to Chicago -O'hare. APproximately 1 hour in between arrival and departure of these flights. SHould I anticipate any difficulties making these connections?
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Our plane leaves at 7:00am from Munich. How early do I need to be at the airport. The flight is going from MUC to FRA to Las Vegas. I wondered if we should be staying right next to the airport or in old town Munich.
I'll fly from Timisoara to Charlotte (US) and I'm wondering if 55 min layover in Munich it's enough to catch the other flight over the ocean?