Nagasaki Airport ( NGS ) Public Transportation

Transportation from Nagasaki Airport:  Followed below are bus lines & their contact, estimated fare & travel time. Note that Omura railway station is only 4 km from the Airport, while Nagaski railway station is 18 km northeast of the Airport.
The Ferry Terminal is past the Nagasaki Airport Office building (the second building to the west of the passenger terminal).

Bus platforms 4 & 5 - to Nagasaki
Bus platform 1 - for international terminal set-down only
Bus platform 2 - for Huis Ten Bosch/ Sasebo/ Sasa
Bus platform 3 - for Shmabara /Omura /Isahaya.

To Nagasaki Showamachi : by Nagasaki Kenei bus, tel. 095-822-541; 800 yen, 45 mins.
To Nagasaki Shinchi (to Chinatown & Dejima): by Nagasaki Bus, tel. 095-826-1112, 800 yen, 45 mins.
To Nagaski Station via Suwa: by Nagaski Kenei bus, tel. 095-822-5141, 800 yen, 50 mins.
To Nagasaki Station via Urakami: by Nagasaki Kenei bus, tel. 095-822-5141, 800 yen, 55 mins.
To Grabar Garden: by Nagasaki Kenei bus, tel. 095-822-5141, 800 yen; 70 mins.
To Sasebo Station & Sasebo Hus Ten Bosch: by Saihi Bus, tel. 0956-23-2121, 1,100 & 1,250 yen; 50 & 80 mins.
To Isahaya/Shimabara: by Nagasaki Kenei Bus, tel. 095-822-5141, 610 yen, 40 mins.
To Obama: by Nagasaki Kenei Bus, 1,250 en, 90 mins.
To Unzen: by Nagasaki Kenei Bus, 1,550 yen, 110 mins.
To Shimatetsu Terminal: by Shimatetsu Bus, tel. 0957-62-5707, 1700 yen, 105 mins.
To Shimabara Bay: by Shimatetsu Bus, 1,750 yen, 110 mins. Ferry service is available to Togitsu, Nagayo and the Huis Ten Bosch theme park, and ferries can be accessed by the escalator leading to the ferry pier.

The Airport Express Omuran  is a ship-to-shore, 15-minute bus service -serving Omura Station and Omura IC Direct Line.  Tel: 0957-52-3161 /2155