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NBO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I am flying into Nairobi, Kenya (NBO) on June 16th. I arrive at Terminal 1E, and have to go to Terminal 1A for a flight to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (JRO). Is there transportation from Terminal 1E to Terminal 1A?

Can you walk from Terminal 1E to Terminal 1A?
I am Kenya Airlines from Cape Town through Nairobi then JFK. I only have a 50 minute lay over. Will that be enough time? The arrival and the departure gate are both from Terminal 1A
Does my baggage go through directly with Kenya airlines?
thank you
we are flying into Nairobi on KA and then changing planes to Turkish to Istanbul. Will we have to go through customs in Nairobi to make the registration and to get the borading pass for TK flight? Or is it possibe to get the bording pass at the transit desk ?
we are flying into Nairobi on Emirates and then changing planes to Rwanda Air to Rwanda. Will we have to go through customs in Nairobi?
I arrive with a domestic from Mombasa at Nairobi.
2,5 hours later depart my international to Paris with Kenya Airways.
Of course I have to go through immigration, etc...
Do I have enough time with 2,5 hours?.
Is the first flight also with Kenya Airways? If so that should be plenty of time.
Indeed both with Kenya Airways but tickets both seperately.
arrive 6:55 a.m. , depart 8:05 a.m.
enough time for transfer? KQ
customs?, bag-rechecked?, re-security?,
Are both of your flights on Kenya Airways? If so you don't have to go through passport control or do anything with your bags.