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I lost my wallet at terminal 5c to 8c
id and cards in wallet lost yesterday
I lost my wallet in Terminal C. Please contact me if found. Thank you.
Need hotel transport van to pick us up and drop us off in front of baggage area or airline gate. Last time we flew I had to walk to the garage. We are 80 years old and dragging heavy suitcases. This caused a knee injury to me that has required medical treatment and MRI.
I was traveling at the Nashville Airport (BNA) and had an item left behind.

-Date- December 2, 2019 at 8:30 AM (time of TSA check)

-Item: MacBook Air (silver in color)

-Name: Ramsey Abdul Alsoub
Please rech out to me at 480-203-0316 in case found
I lost my purse . I have My ID and $400 cash in it
I lost my driver license on 9/29/2019
Because of my disability I need my son to accompany me to the gate within terminal. Airline has been notified of my disability. However, it is stated that my son will need approval for him to accompany me just to the gate. How does he get approval.
Lost small Velcro wallet with my FL DL & Medical card. Arrived 7/1/2019, Gate C4, SWest #1157. Please email if found. Thank you.