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BNA : delayed flight 4 min ago Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Gate Connections

my flight has been delayed i only had a one hour layover so i will miss my connecting flight so does the the airline automatically book me the next flight

BNA : storing luggage Feb 14, '19 Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Traveler Help

does the airport have a luggage storage facility. would like to store luggage for about 8 hours until flight time on the day of my flight

BNA : transfer/ connection Dec 22, '18 Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Gate Connections

Im flying from JFK to Nashville and from Nashville to Heathrow, London. I have a 40 minute connection both flights with American Airlines. Is this connection possible? Never been to Nashville or had this short of a connection... Thanks!

BNA : Baggage drop off for connecting flights Nov 23, '18 Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Gate Connections

I'm flying from London, Heathrow to Miami - via Nashville on BA and AA. I understand that I have to pick up my luggage and clear customs in Nashville, but I'm not sure if I have to check in again to drop my luggage at the check in desk, or should I drop off my luggage somewhere specific for connecting flights?

Any help much appreciated!

BNA : Mobility scooters on flights Oct 23, '18 Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Traveler Help

How do we go about getting my mobility scooter checked in at Sun Country airlines for a flight?

BNA : checked bag transfer - 30min Sep 20, '18 Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Gate Connections

For AA flight 412 from charlotte, arriving at 6:24pm, is there enough time for my bag to be transferred to the connecting AA flight 2675 to LAX that leaves at 6:55pm ?? How often is this flight late? How often do people miss this connection? How often is baggage delivery to LAX delayed?

BNA : BNA Restaurants 'Before' Entering Security Jul 23, '18 Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Food, Shops, Services

We have a planned 4 hour connection at BNA and want to go outside of the security area to meet some local friends and have brunch.

I have studied the maps of the airport gates - but I cannot tell for certain if there are any restaurants that are in the "pre-security" area of the terminal.

We want to exit the security area to meet them, have a bite, then we'll go back thru security to connect with our next flight.

Can anyone tell us what, if any restaurants, our friends can meet us at that are NOT beyond the airport security checkpoints.


BNA : 30 minute connection Apr 30, '18 Comments: 1

Nashville Airport Gate Connections

I have a contour flight arriving from Tupelo at 11:30. My next flight is on American Airlines to Manchester, NH. Do I need to collect luggage and check-in at the American Airlines desk?
Yes, you do. Contour doesn't transfer bags to any other airlines. 30 minutes is not enough time with checked bags.

BNA : Wheel chair Apr 06, '18 Comments: 1

Nashville Airport Traveler Help

Do you rent wheel chairs to
You contact your airline to request wheelchair assistance. This is, not any airline or airport's website.

BNA : Where to hang out Apr 01, '18 Comments: 0

Nashville Airport Traveler Help

My son and I are going to be at the airport at 11 p.m. the night before our flight at 5:40 a.m. we are wondering where there is a place we can sit comfortably with our baggage prior to checking it in at approximately 4 a.m. which is the earliest the counter is open. So I guess we're just wondering what the amenities are prior to security check