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I lost my skiing helmet (with goggles) in a black bag at the Chitose Airport on March 10 (Sunday). It could be in the shopping area or Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge. Can someone help to find it? (I've already contacted Cathay Pacific to check their business class lounge).
Dear Chitose Airport, I lost my camera while shopping at the stores in the airport on Jan. 24 afternoon. I have confirmed with EVA air that no camera was found. May I ask which office in CTS airport should I contact to see if any shop has found my camera. I and my family had a wonderful memory to hokkaido and it's all in the camera. Please help! Thank you.
While Chitose Airport does not list a Lost & Found office at its site, you may want to contact the airport by phone +81 123 23 0111 or by e-mail: [email protected]
Dear New Chitose Airport, I lost my hat (light cream color) today - on December 12 while departure from Sapporo to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by SAT airlines flight HZ6890. Please advise how can I get it back. Thank you very much for your help!
I would appreciate your reply on my request. I was very upset with my lost hat and would be really happy if you can help me to get it back. Thanks for your help.
My 11yr old daughter lost her silve coolpix camera on a recent tirp to Sapporo.. She may have left it on a ANA flight to Narita. It had here pictures of her school trip.
Contact ANA's lost & Found department.
Dear Sir/Madam,
During my holidays to Sapporo recently , I misplaced my Panasonic SDR. H80 Video Camera somewhere on my return trip home. I would appreciate to notify me if someone found it and pass to Lost and Found - I depart New Chitose Airport on 17 Dec via ANA 82 at 20:30 hours.

Thank you !
Items lots in either the gate area or onboard the airplane, are to be reported to your ANA airline's Lost & Found department.