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are there skycaps available at ewr airport at terminal c, for united international trips, or do i have to drag luggage into check in myself (it is an 8:30 am flight)
How do I reach baggage claims at EWR?
my family is arriving on int flight to ter B and then need to proceed with ter C for connection. they will have 6 check-in luggage and 2 carry ON. are there skycaps available at terminal B arrival who could help them take the luggage to domestic flight baggage drop off area?
Sent my traveler form to print at ewrprint@gmail.com and it came back as invalid email address not found. It was for terminal C. Israel Entry report.
Salut ! Est ce possible de trouver une imprimante pour des impressions de documents dans l'un de terminal A,B,C de Newark NJ ? Une idée du prix ? Merci
I am taking my family to Florida leaving Newark Saturday 2/15 at 6:03 AM. We have TSA prescheck. Last year I left at 10 and arrived at 8:00 and the lines were about 20 minutes for precheck. I was thinking about arriving at the airport at 4:30. Is that enough time?
is there curb side check-in at terminal A
Are there any restrictions to bringing one's own wheelchair through security and to the gate? I assume airline will check in at the gate?
Does Newark airport have any companion/family restrooms in any of its terminals?
Hi, Can i go to baggage claim area to help the person whom i am going to receive from EWR airport