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Is New Jersey drivers license still valid I’d to check in
My baggage was lost and all I got was lies when I spoke to customer service! There customer service is very polite as they lie to your face
I witness some of the most demeaning language when traveling to Newark on Thurs. Workers spoke harshly to each other, and travelers. One called a traveler "stupid" This may be the first impression might have of America. If anyone has the official site I'd love to lodge an official complaint.
We have been trying to get in touch with the Chaplaincy office . We would like to book the chapel for a Catholic mass on 6/29/2019. Our flight is UA90 to Tel Aviv, leaving at 10:50. We have our own priest, just need the facility. Please help us know whom to call. Thank you--Alexis Carola
Please let us know how to book at mass at the chapel at EWR for June 29th, 2019 --Our flight is 10:50 UA 90 leaving for Tel Aviv.we would like a Catholic mass before we leave if possible.
Thank you,
Alexis Carola
Could you let me know how to reserve the Chapel/Meditation Room on June 18, 2019 at 2:00 PM. Thank you!
Our flight on Jet Blue leaves Newark at 7 AM 2/5/19. What time should we arrive at the airport?
Does EWR have a special TSA checkpoint for military travelers at Terminal B?
How is government shutdown affecting tsa wait time at Newark airport?
where is the Marritt Hotel located. By which terminal?
where can you buy nasal spray in terminal C