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My wife is arriving at Terminal B, Norwegian Air. I can only walk a short distance. Is there parking close to the terminal, short walking?
where is the cell phone lot located?
Picking up someone at terminal C, United Airlines. Can I park and walk to terminal to meet
Dropped off my wife this morning and went to cell lot to assure she got off ok. When leaving found that there is no way to get back to RT 1 south. Had to go all the way west to GSP and then go south. Signage is terrible. Who's idea was it to move the lot? No wonder people park on the road. I challenge anyone to try and get to RT 1 south the way the roads are laid out now. Very poor planning.
Do you need to reserve a space in advance at Parking Lot C?
My mom has a handicap sign on her car, we are going to Europe for a week.
Can we park in Short Term Parking?
What is the height clearance of the terminals short parking garages esp c
I might pick my husband up at EWR and neither one of us have ever been to this airport. His plane should land in Terminal B. My husband's phone will not be working (it is a foreign phone) Where do I park to pick him up and where can I tell him we should meet? What time should I expect to pick him up if he lands at 3:50 pm (coming in from Lisbon)?
He will be out of Customs at about 4:30-5:00. There is a short term lot for Terminal B that you can park at.
Thank you :)
We have used the parking spot Haynes for years. I noticed the is a lot called Newark liberty parking also on Haynes Ave; they are about $4 a day cheaper and less with prepaid. Such a lower price gives me concerns. Has anyone used both spots?
where is row 109 in terminal a short term parking? would it be easy for us to drop the car there and someone flying in to find it?
Contact Five Star Parking at 973-961-6421 or 22. (Short-term parking at EWR is available in Parking Garage C and in lots A & B directly across from Terminals A & B.)
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