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bags are checked thru..what is the easiest way to change term C to B
I have 2 hours
There is a shuttle bus inside security from Terminal C to the Lufthansa gates in Terminal B.
after I arrive at gate in TERM C look for shuttle bus toTerm B?
do you know where this Bus leaves from C?

thank you for reply
The bus leaves from near gate C71. There are signs throughout the terminal.
My Mom and I arriving april 4th with united from Lisbon to Montreal with connection flight to Newark. We only have 1h. Arriving Lisbon to Newark at 1h40 pm and our flight Newark to Montreal with united express is at 2h40 pm ! Are we ok ? Do we have to pass security ? We only have one reservation confirmation : we Will pick up our luggages only in Montreal ?
No, that is NOT enough time. In Newark you have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security, and to your departure gate.
Even if we take priority access with united for luggages, check-in and security line? Any suggestions ?
That won't help you with anything during your connection other than security. I suggest planning on spending 7 more hours in Newark as you will probably end up missing your connection and being rebooked on the 9:05 PM to Montreal (which luckily appears to have plenty of empty seats).
Any chance its better News if my flight from Lisbon arrive at terminal B and my flight to Montreal is at terminal À ?
No, that is not better news.
I am travelling from Hong Kong to Miami via Newark airport transfer. Arrival time is 1405pm and next domestic flight is 1640pm. Both flights are at the same booking.
1) is it enough time to go thru all the customs, immigration, baggage claims, re-check-in baggage?
2) we are Chinese and we will have food inside the check-in baggages, does it take longer time to go thru the immigration and customs?
3) is it easy to find out the transfer check in desk once we get our baggage from baggage claim belt?
Thanks a lot!
Yes, taht should be enough time. If the food is packaged then that's fine. If the food is unpackaged meat or fruit/vegetables, it will be thrown out, don't pack it. Yes, the transfer desk is right after you clear customs.
I'm arriving in Terminal C going to Terminal B for an international flight. What is the fasted way to get there and I do I need to go through security again? I have 2 hours between arrival and departure.
What airline are you flying out of Terminal B? If it's a Star Alliance airline you can take a shuttle that runs inside security.
Then yes, you can just take the shuttle from C to B.
Changing terminals ( A to C) with a super short layover and I have a disability... what is the quickest way to get fromA to C?
If you are arriving on United Express and departing on United, then there is a shuttle bus that connects A and C inside security. Otherwise you'll have to exit security and take the AirTrain. If you request wheelchair service they will take the fastest route for you.
UK citizen flying into Newark from Dayton and then Flying out of Newark to Amsterdam with Delta. Is there a terminal change how long should I allow? I have a choice of 1hr 30 mins or 5hr 30 mins.
You will arrive and depart from Terminal A but the two gate areas aren't connected inside security. 90 minutes isn't enough time if you have checked bags as you will have to transfer them yourself.
Hi, I have a flight that comes in to newark from san jose at 2:49 pm in terminal B... the thing is my layover is only 40 minutes, and the connectingg flight leaves from terminal C at 3:29... is there any possible way this works out for me?
San Jose Costa Rica or California? Are both flights on United?
I have 1 hour to get from Terminal 1 to 3, already pre cleared customs no checked baggage. Is this enough time? Thanks!
Newark doesn't have a terminal 1 or a Terminal 3. Please double check your reservation. Where are you flying from and to and on what airline?
I will be returning from Frankfurt on a United flight in October and need to connect from EWR to St. Louis. Will I be better off connecting on a United flight, or Southwest, or will it matter? In other words, is the departure gate for United or Southwest likely to be closer to the international arrival gate for United?
United will be much easier as you can have your bags tagged to St. Louis and don't have to transfer them between terminals yourself after clearing Customs.
Arriving from OSL and have a 2 hr layover before connecting flight (AA) to CLT departing at terminal A. Do I need to pick up my luggage and re-check or will it go all the way through? And if I need to re-check baggage, where will I find the re-check counter? How do I get to terminal A?
Are both flights on the same reservation or two separate reservations?
They are on the same reservation.
You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk (right after customs), take the AirTrain to Terminal A and go through security and to your departure gate.