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I have a 7:00am flight from Newark to Canada. What time do the terminals open in the morning? Do I have to be there at 4:00am since it’s considered to be an international flight?
I have a 5:25 pm flight arriving on SWA terminal A and fly out on international flight with United in Terminal C at 7pm. Do I have to exit secured area and recheck in? I have no checked luggage. This all occurs next Wednesday 1/28
Hoping someone knows which door at United Airlines terminal C upper level the wheel chairs are located. Thank you.
I read in another blog Terminal C Level 2 Door 4, my 90+ old parents are flying United tomorrow so I hope this is accurate.
Hi there what is the easiest and cheapest way to get to John F Kennedy 1 o clock in the morning?
We are observant and would like to figure out a way to light Chanukah candles during our layover in EWR. Please suggest any acceptable areas to do so. Thank you.
Do all international arrivals exit Customs/Passport at one exit point and if so where is that exit point? My party will arrive from France on Delta. Thank you.
Cousins are arriving from Croatia to EWR Terminal B. On which level do I meet them?
Are sky caps available at curbside for check in baggage? And are wheel chair assistance available at the same time?
My daughter (16 yrs) flies from Madrid to Newark.In Newark she has to change plane for her ongoing flight to Panama. I am worried, she is not an experienced traveler. Do you offer UM services? If not, can you advise me anyone? Thanks a lot.
Hi, I had my flight from Newark to Dublin and upon arrival at home I noticed that some items (branded shoes) were stolen from my checked in luggage. Do you know any contact details where I can report it in the Newark airport? I haven't found anything online. Thanks!