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Sitting at Newark Gate 108 while waiting for flight to Dublin - lost the digital camera chip of vacation photos. It's in a 2x2 plastic container. How do I find out if someone found it?

Yesterday i landed in newark from san fransisco with Virgin America flight no. VX 1180 at 6pm. I realized i left my camera and the bag inside the airplane few hours later..

Can someone help me please
You need to contact Virgin America/Alaska Airlines.
need phone number at newark liberty lost luggage
Hi there,
I have a short layover between a domestic united express flight and my international flight. I've read that United express can fly in and out of terminal A, as well as fly in and out of Terminal C where my international flight will be departing from. I wondered if it's possible to find out if my united express flight will be landing in EWR in terminal A or C so I know how fast I need to run to passport control. Thank you!
United.com will have your arrival gate on the day of your flight. There is no passport control when leaving the US so all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you for the response and the helpful insight on the arrival gate posting.
I fly out in and out of the US quite often (though never from Newark), and I always go through passport control. Why wouldn't I in Newark?
How do I arrange for a cart to take me from the check in to the gate?
You need to call your airline and request wheelchair service.
Today, I was flying with United airlines flight number UA 1465 to Providenciales. United airlines lost my baggage 1 item. Grey colour DELSEY. The name of the document baggage was Liapis Ioannis REC LOC NQFOXN. 601682698 baggage document of paying was 0162601636444. Send me email to liapis@dafnagro.gr I when you find it or call 0030 6958612755
This is ifly.com - you need to contact United if you want to get your bag back.
Is it possible to reach the Air Canada Maple Leaf lounge in terminal A1 from A2? My connecting flight is departing from A2 and I am coming in from terminal C.
They are not connected inside security.
Ok but will I be able to clear security at A1 even if I dont have a flight from this concourse ?
It's up to the TSA at that checkpoint.
Can in checkin at Terminal A for a scheduled United flight in Terminal C?
Yes, but be sure to allow more time for your bag to make it to the gate in Terminal C if you are checking bags.
i have a 6 am flight on Monday.
what time should i get to the airport to get through security?
I am considering a flight from LAX to POS with a layover in EWR for 3hours. All on united airlines. Can you tell me if I will arrive and depart from the same terminal? Or do I have to switch?

Thank you.
Both flights will be in Terminal C. You have plenty of time.
Thank you very much.