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My daughter is flying from Indy to NY and catching international flight to France. Does the airport have a service that meets my daughter in the arrival terminal and assists her to the international terminal?
There is no such service. What airlines is she flying? Newark doesn't have a singular "International Terminal".
Are the handicap accessible toilets at EWR single stall? My mother-in-law is travelling with her brother, so she can't use a handicap stall that is inside a womens restroom. Thanks!
I lost my phone on a plane last week going to Liberia, Costa Rica and want to see if it's at the lost and found at Newark.
what time is Sunday Mass at Newark Airport chapel?
There aren't any scheduled religious services there.
Thanks! Actually found on another site it might be 1030am. Will find out tomorrow... God be with you!
I arrive on Air Canada from Montreal at 3:16 pm and my flight on Alaska Airlines leaves at 5:25 pm - both in Terminal A. Will that give me enough time to get through customs?
You pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Montreal. All you have to do is claim your bags from Air Canada, re-check them with Alaska, and go through security. You have enough time.
I left my watch at the security point in last Nov or Dec (not sure about the exact date). Where am I supposed to contact to find it?
Considering how long ago you lost it, it has probably been disposed of by now.
Any contact that I can verify it had been disposed?
lost my passport Feb 10, 2018 Terminal C outside of the TSA checkpoint
My boss left his laptop at Newark Airport last night, in Terminal C by the United Lounge. HP1040, black. If anyone found it, please give it to the lost and found. Thank you!
Left my blue down jacket (in its self store pouch) in terminal C yesterday (Friday night 1/26) around gate 92. Size XL. Would appreciate notification if found.
Lost grey northface and Jeep keys at terminal C8 around 4PM today.