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PHF : Car rental Mar 02, '20 Comments: 1

Newport News Williamsburg Airport Gate Connections

When you decide to rent а cаr, the most importаnt thing is not to lose the model and price, becаuse it mаy be thаt the sаme car, it cаn cost differently in two different compаnies. You should use proven services thаt hаve proven themselves. For exаmple, I аlways use the services of the bocudo site.

PHF : Need phone Number Baggage Claim Jan 02, '18 Comments: 0

Newport News Williamsburg Airport Traveler Help

please send number by email

PHF : Blue Sky Cafe Apr 06, '17 Comments: 0

Newport News Williamsburg Airport Food, Shops, Services

Restaurant is closed under construction. No temporary setup. Of course our flight was delayed. Somebody dropped the ball here.

PHF : New Airline Destinations Feb 12, '12 Comments: 0

Newport News Williamsburg Airport General Airport Topics

Hope you folks and the new airline have much success. Also hope for flights to ATL direct that re a little more inexpensive than the current rates. As I look through the airlines, you folk are not any cheaper than ORF right now.