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Niigata Airport ( KIJ ) Terminal Map Information

Niigata KIJ Terminal Map


The four-level passenger terminal at Niigata International - open 7:30am-9:30pm (or last flight) -  has check-in counters at the front entrance.
   Level 1 is divided between check-in areas in the front and arrivals areas in the back.
 -The Check-in lobby is divided between Domestic (at left) and international (at right) check-in facilities, with travelers insurance vending machine.  In the cener is the 'Center Plaza'.
- The Arrivals area is divided between Domestic (at left) and international (at right) baggage claims with Customs & currency exchange.  The Center Plaza can be used as meeting point.
   Level 2 is for departing passengers: After checking in, proceed to the second level, check the flight screen and then go through baggage inspection; thereafter go to the Departure lounge with a few shops until you hear your flight announcement - then proceed via the boarding bridge to your plane.  International departure gates 7 & 8 are at right;  Domestic departure gates are at left.
   Level 3 houses a departure lounge for international flights, with duty-free shops.
   Level 4 features a world map to the left and the Observation deck to the right

Amenities and services include some food & drink establishments and some shops and a duty-free shop for international travelers.
Level 1 offers a currency exchange, ATM cash machine, lockers, baggage delivery service and a mail box (outside); level 2 offers a private waiting room and a VIP waiting room. levels 2 & 3 both offer a nursing room, waiting room and smoking lounge.

Arrivals & Departures procedures for international flights:
 - Arrivals: After crossing the boarding bridge at the concourse, proceed to 'Quarantine/Passport Control', then retrieve your baggage and go through Customs; The 'Welcome to Niigata display on the wall leads you to the Arrivals lobby which houses a toursit board and waiting area before the terminal exit. 
 - Departures:  After checking in at level 1 proceed to level 2's departure lobby.  Check your flight schedule on the overhead screen and proceed to baggage inspectiton /security check.  Proceed to the international departure lounge on level 3 with a duty-free store and offering light meals and snacks.  Upon flight is announced, proceed down to level 2, heading to the boarding bridge and on to the plane.