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My name is Svetlana. I was flying from Manila to Moscow (with the change in Bahrain) on March 4. The Flight number is GF 155. When I was going through security check to the departure area I left my iPhone 6 (grey, had transparent silicone phone case) in the box.
I discovered my loss on board and said about it to the flight attendant. He contacted the airport and said that my phone was found.
Now I would like to know how I can get my phone back.
I know there is an option that the airport can send my phone and I am ready to pay the transportation cost.

Also there is another option.My friends are going to fly from Manila to Moscow in a few days, so they can collect my phone from the airport.
Please, let me know if it's possible.

Look forward to your answer.
Best regards,
April 24/ 2018 terminal 2 gate 15 flight PR 2149 I lost my Toyota Hilux keys between 6:00-7:30pm
I LEFT my HTC Desire 510- smartphone black Terminal 2 14 April 18-12.30a.m near GATE 2.

Flight PR720 Philippine Airlines just before boarding around 12.45 p.m.

Been packing items just before departure.

Could you check if ANY person has handed in this phone please?

*Can send security letter using nine digits to open my phone & confirm my name please?

Look forward to your reply; Any FURTHER DETAILS please ask, thankyou.

Keith BURY.