Getting from Okayama Airport to your destination: Taxi Share-Rides are available to Tsuyama & Maniwa: To Tsuyama it is a 70-minute ride;  to Maniwa (Yubara Onsen / Yubara Hot Springs & Chugoku Katsuyama Sta.), a ride of 110 minutes.

The Bus to Okayama Station takes about 30 minutes by either Chutetsu or Okaden Buses.
The bus to Kurashii , Mishima & JR Jojima Stations
takes between 35 - 110 minutes - available by either Chutetsu or Shimoden Buses.
Bus contacts:
Chutetsu Bus, Okayama Branch Office - tel. 086-222-6601;
Okaden Bus, Konan Branch Office - tel. 086-223-7222;
Shimoden Bus, Koujo Branch Office - tel. 86-298-9011.

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