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where can I exchange US dollars to Euros at airport
Is baggage 29 on level 1 or level 2?
Can I exchange my foreign currency at the airport
I’m trying to log in to MCO wifi with my iPhone. MCO wifi is “not trusted” and shows that the Certificate is expired. Can you help me log in to MCO wifi?
My daughter is flying out of MCO to ORD (direct). can we go with her all the way to the terminal or do we have to leave her at the TSA checkpoint?
Yes, since she is a child you can get a gate pass from the check-in desk.
Which cell lot do we use for picking up passenger on frontier
you can use either the North or South lot.
do we have any waiting area after arrival. can i reach terminal a to b inside. i will be waiting for my family for four hours there. Where should I wait and how can I go from terminal A to Terminal B to pickup my family
I don't intend too park so how do I know which terminal to pick up a passenger?
Orlando only has one terminal. The pickup areas are separated by airline. Make sure the passenger goes to the pick up area outside their airline's baggage claim.
Family 1 arrives at terminal A Gates 100-129. Family 2 arrives at terminal B at gates 30-59 . Time 1/2 hour apart. Hope to meet at airport. Please advise. Thanks
The Main Terminal is divided into Airside 2 (North) and Airside 3 (South) (some airlines list it as ASA-2 or ASA-3. There are two locations fr the baggage claim carousels: Level 1 for 8A & 28B; Level 2 for 1-16 and 20-32. My suggestion is to meet up at the Currency Exchange on level 2 near the baggage claim.