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please tell me what ground transportation to use to go from MCO to Melbourne
I need to get from the airport to the Greyhound bus depot
I live in Mount Dora. What public transportation terminal connected to MCO is nearest to me? And what is its schedule for going into and leaving from MCO?

I believe the trains run too far East to be practical for me.
Public transport from Megabus Orlando Terminal to MCO AIRPORT. Frequency, duration and fare, please. Thank you
The 436S bus goes between them every half hour. The trip takes 35 minutes and costs $2.
Thank you for yoir prompt response
I get into Orlando at 5:49pm on Dec 6 on a United flight #7061 from EWR and I need to make my connection on Azul flight #8707 that departs at 7:10 pm. Can I make it and what is the quickest way
Are your flights on the same reservation or two separate reservations? Do you have checked bags? United 7061 is a SAS flight from Stockholm to London. The 5:49 arrival appears to be flight #730. This is a difficult connection if you have no checked bags or if your bags are checked through. It's nearly impossible with checked bags that aren't checked through.
I am handicapped and old. I can walk but not for long distances. So I am wondering - Where is Budget located in the garage? I usually use National Rental. Do you know where I can find a map that shows the locations of the rental cars in the garage?
Any suggestions/experiences regarding ground transportation ... i.e. Method, cost and wait? is much cheaper option than the shuttle service. lowest price and best service ever. 24 hr book in advance
Because you are likely Joe. Of Joe's Friendly Rides.
Use a much cheaper option than the shuttle service. LuxTransO private transportation has great rates per vehicle.Visit for more information.
cheaper option than the shuttle service. lowest price and best service ever. 24 hr book in advance
Would you pick me up at Orlando airport and drop off at Okeechobee? I would be arriving at airport at 9:00 pm.