Tips and ideas on how to best spend a layover at Orlando airport. Got a favorite quiet place to connect to wifi? A great bar or restaurant? Maybe an exhibit or a walk? Share your MCO Airport layover experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.


Hi, I will be flying in from London in Dec and have a layover at Orlando airport for 17hrs before my next flight to Houston. Is there a place at the airport,Ii can relax comfortably or take a nap if needed.
Have a 7 hour lay over. From 1pm till about 8. Would like to go out for a nice dinner. Any recommendations?
I will arrive at 10:30 am my flight back is at 5 pm so I will be at the airport 1:30 hour before the flight and 1 hour to finish the entering papers. Can I check anything in orlando at this remaining time I will have a small cross bag or a carry on
So you'll have 11:30 to about 3 Available? Yeah, you could visit a small attraction, but note that things in Orlando are sort of spread apart and not near the airport.
Please recommend someplace to visit the nearest to the airport
I'll be flying from Miami to Peru with a 7hrs layover in Lima. Is it safe for me to leave the airport and check into the hotel? On my return trip I have a 17 hrs layover at MCO can l check into the hotel there as I wouldn't want to sit at the airport for such a long time.
Yes, on the return you can go to a hotel in Orlando.
Hi, I will be flying in on the 22nd April from LGW, I land at MCO at 16:55 at then fly to SLC at 18:59. I will only have a carry on. Is this enough time and will my connecting flight be in a different terminal? (I am an american citizen FYI)
Orlando only has one Terminal. That will be a very difficult connection.
So, I'm flying out from DCA - MCO from Delta airlines and it lands at MCO 11:40a. Then, I have a flight from a different airline from MCO - SJU which departs at 12:45pm. Do I have to go through security again? Will I have enough time?
What airline are you flying to SJU? Do you have checked bags? I can't answer your question without that info.
Spirit airlines. I only plan on having a carry-on
You will have to go through security again. This is not very feasible unless your flight from DCA arrives early.
Thanks. I ended up just booking another one way flight the day before (relatively cheap) rather than having to go with cancellations fees and changes. Believe me, was on the phone over hours trying to resolve this. Will still take the return flight back (confirmed it won't be a problem if it's a no-show for depart flight). Thanks for your help. Rather go through the stress now than the day of.
Hi, I am flying into MCO with a 5 hour layover. I have never been to this airport but wondered what the best things to do are, leave, stay, certain lounges? Thanks!
5 hours isn't worth leaving - it's an hour to anything. There's also not much to do there except some typical airport restaurants, bars, and stores.
Ok good to know! Thank you so much for the insight :)