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We need to rest for about 5 hours ( incl 2 kids) heading to a cruise. Easiest would be Hyatt there at MCO airport and rate incl taxes is $433. Looking for a discount code/ideas? thanks
If I am travelling out on AA airlines, are there any airport lounges that I can access once past security? I remember last summer I was able to travel between two fingers (airsides) without having to go through security again (as I never exited the sterile area) and just hop on the train to go to duty free, i.e, was leaving on Southwest to MBJ, however, duty free shop was in the international airside and all we had to do was hop on that train without exiting.
Yes, Orlando has two security checkpoints, one for each pair of airsides. AA is in Airside 3 which is also behind the same checkpoint as Airside 1.
Thank you!
What is the currency exchange rate from Dollars to Brazilian Real please?
Looking for a printer I can use with my laptop
Starbucks are not opened 24 hours in terminal b
OMG! The vapors coming out of Lush will immediately close your sinuses and cause asmatic distress. The powerful odors are absolutely obnoxious. HvPP
The cast at Disney's EarPort Gift Store in the Orlando airport provided my family a wonderful end to our visit to Florida. They were truly a positive influence on my children when they asked for and encouraged them to play a song on their violins we've been traveling with. They graciously gifted my children with some treasured Disney pins as gratitude for their violin duet. They were so thoughtful. It was an amazing experience! Thank you!!!
I have been here twice and both times I experienced horrible customer service. If I didn't need nail polish, I would have never gone in there. This time the woman "helping" me was on the phone the entire time. For whatever reason, my credit card was not working, so instead of getting off the phone to explain, she decided to do hand motions to relay the message to me. POOR customer service! I will do without the nail polish next time.