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MCO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I fly GOL- 8461-operated by Delta from Cincinnatti to Orlando and connect with Gol going to Brasília-Brazil. Do I have to go to the main terminal? I only have 2 hrs for that connection.
Hi.im flying from London to Atlanta via Orlando. My connection time is 1h30. I will have to collect luggage. Will this be enough time. Do I have to collect and re Check my bag in Orlando?
Are Southwest and JetBlue in the same terminal/airside?
What would be the walking distance, approximately, between Jet Blue and Southwest?
Thank you.
Can we park in the new parking garage and take the tram to the main terminal to pick up our guests and then take it back to new parking garage?
Arrive Jet Blue arriving 2:26 on June 11 / departing on AA at 3:34. Are theses carriers in the same terminal? can I make it on time?
I will have max 1 hour to get from Spirit to Norwegian about 8pm tomorrow night. Only hand luggage...chances of making it with TSA issues?
How to get to shuttles in terminal a from terminal b
I arrive in terminal 122 and leave from terminal 23 with only 34 minutes between flights. Is it posible to travel between terminals without going through security?
We plan to come in MCO on Copa from Panama at 15:18. We have booked a second flight on Southwest at 16:50. We have global entry and TSA precheck and carry-on bags only. Is this tight layover doable considering customs and security? Unfamiliar with MCO.