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MCO Gate Connections DISCUSSION

What are approx times for clearing security and baggage reclaim (arriving 11 Oct 2018)
from spirit airline to united , how far is it ?
Arriving to MCO on American Airlines and need to check in on Thomas Cook airlines to Manchester in 2.5 hours. (Carry on only) Do I need to go to main terminal and check in there?
I will arrive SW terminal A - family arrives half hour later Jet Blue terminal B - am I able to meet at Terminal B as that will be where we will be picked up.
Yes...once you claimed your baggage, go back upstairs...Terminal A & B converge in the center prior to going through security...in other words, traveling guests have to take a monorail/tram ride from their landing gate to the main terminal...think of A on the left and B on the right and they both meet in the middle...during the holiday season it has a huge "holiday" tree in the center..so you can't miss it
I will be flying in from delta and have a connecting flight using copa. These are in terminal a and b. Is there a way to bypass the security checkpoint when I arrive at mco or do i have to go out and come back in through security checkpoint?

I've got a connection in MCO with a 1hr 35mins limit between an incoming Virgin Atlantic flight from Manchester and an outgoing Delta (Operated by Virgin Atlantic) to Atlanta. If i've read the MCO website correctly it looks like both flights use Airside 4. How will this work with immigration etc? Do I need to leave Airside 4? Its all on 1 ticket if that helps.
will be arriving from Lima Peru by Latam airlines, connecting to Air Canada , how to get from one terminal to next and is 2 hrs enough time, as I think I will have to collect luggage and recheck in?
We fly into MCO from ATL on Delta (still two weeks away, and they keep changing the flight number, currently saying it's 2066). Arrive at 6:40 p.m. Depart on Virgin Atlantic VS16 at 7:50 p.m. for London. Just 1 hr 10 min layover. We have only small carry-on bags. Best I can tell, Delta and Virgin both use gates 70-99, so we shouldn't have to leave Airside 4, just dash from one gate to another, unless there are hoops to jump through on account of it being an overseas flight. We are TSA Pre-checked. I seem to recall having to ride an elevated tram when making this connection last summer, but I may be mis-remembering. Anybody know?
We will be on United from SFO, arrive 7:35 AM then connect to Bahamasair to Nassau, departure 10:00 AM, different bookings, but no checked in luggage. Assuming the first flight is on time or may be 30 minutes late, will we have enough time to move from arrival gate, thru TSA, to departure gate. Thanks for your help.
Hi. I recently moved to Atlanta but have a flight coming from Lisbon to Philly to Orlando via American where I land in Orlando at 9:30 p.m. I will not have a checked bag, but i was wondering if I could make a connecting flight on Southwest from Orlando to Atlanta departing at 10:30? Can i get to each gate easily or do I have to get out and go through security again?