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My 81 year old mother landed at Orlando airport today 01/01/2020. The person that was picking her up was not able to find her and she is still there now 4 hours later. Her name is Mrs mcintosh. Can you help
Can I drop off a suitcase on the sidewalk at MCO. I am on crutches and not able to handle the suitcase from parking lot.
Are there safety boxes in the Orlando airport? My friend who leaves on Sunday needs to leave something for me. I am arriving there the next day, Monday morning. Any ideas? Thank you!
I need to get from the airport to the Greyhound bus station
I’m trying to book a hotel but I’m not sure what is best for traveling back to Cedar Rapids on United. Am I better off to be on the north , south, west, or east of airport. Also we have one passenger traveling on Delta. Is check in close to each other ? Thanks
dvd player lost/left at airport on Jan. 15th in TSA, Can't get an answer on lost and found phone number. Can't file a form with no link to click on. Please advise .
I've been desperately trying to reach Lost and Found, left my laptop at security check last night. My friend is traveling today and can pick it up, but there is no way to reach them - they don't respond to online claim form and the phone number doesn't work, no way to even leave a message. Any tips?
I will need a wheelchair from check-in to depart gate
I cannot find the online form for filing a Lost and Found claim for general areas of your airport. I do not see a link in the text above.
What is the phone number for MCO Lost & Found, or maybe there are multiple for main terminal and airline gates. Lost my CPAP machine either at TSA security check or at Gate 103 (Southwest) on Saturday, May 5.