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I cannot find the online form for filing a Lost and Found claim for general areas of your airport. I do not see a link in the text above.
What is the phone number for MCO Lost & Found, or maybe there are multiple for main terminal and airline gates. Lost my CPAP machine either at TSA security check or at Gate 103 (Southwest) on Saturday, May 5.

Want that know where the WestJet Lounge is located .
Westjet does not provide lounge access at any US airports.
My Mother and I are meeting in Orlando for a Disney trip. She is coming via Southwest Airlines from ELP
and I am coming American via ORD. will we arrive in the same terminals or should we meet in baggage claims?
Meet in the baggage claim.
We are a family which is arriving from 3 different places and need advise where we can all meet up.
Arrival 7 Feb.18- From Washington on United 778, from London Gatwick on VS27, from Philadelphia on AA824. We know that some will have to wait as we all arrive at different times
We have cars booked with Alamo and Thrifty and could possibly meet at one of them but are not sure if there are several such counters. I hope you can advise us where the best place is for all of us to meet, thank you
Could you please tell me what time baggage claim will open? Have flight st 5:20. TY
Baggage Check opens sufficient time before your flight. You didn't post what airline you're flying or whether your flight is 5:20 AM or PM, so I can't help you much more.
I've booked a trip leaving in May on Thomas Cook airlines, can you tell me what gates that airline flies out of? I believe it is on the terminal B side. Also I'd like to exchange some currency where is the closest place in the airport to do so in relationship with my gate?
Thomas Cook uses Terminal B, Airside 4.
I am flying out of MCO on December 29, SW#5126 to Louisville KY. What terminal do I check my luggage at? How do I get to the gate? I am not familiar with this terminal, so please give specific information.
Orlando has only one Terminal. It has two sides. Just follow signs to Southwest.
Will be arriving Alaska airside 1 east B. How do i get to silver airways level 3 Airside 3 terminal B
Is there any Bus/Train service to Haines City from Orlando Airport?

Thank you