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Could you please tell me what time baggage claim will open? Have flight st 5:20. TY
Baggage Check opens sufficient time before your flight. You didn't post what airline you're flying or whether your flight is 5:20 AM or PM, so I can't help you much more.
I've booked a trip leaving in May on Thomas Cook airlines, can you tell me what gates that airline flies out of? I believe it is on the terminal B side. Also I'd like to exchange some currency where is the closest place in the airport to do so in relationship with my gate?
Thomas Cook uses Terminal B, Airside 4.
I am flying out of MCO on December 29, SW#5126 to Louisville KY. What terminal do I check my luggage at? How do I get to the gate? I am not familiar with this terminal, so please give specific information.
Orlando has only one Terminal. It has two sides. Just follow signs to Southwest.
Will be arriving Alaska airside 1 east B. How do i get to silver airways level 3 Airside 3 terminal B
Is there any Bus/Train service to Haines City from Orlando Airport?

Thank you
Recent bloggs have described horrendous delays passing through security and luggage pickup at MCO. Has this improved at all? Flying in early October 17
My daughter is flying SW to MCO terminal A. She is meeting grandma who is on United. Grandma is delayed. Is there anyway for my daughter to get to Terminal B without going through security. I'd like to get her to the United Club so she can wait for grandmas flight. Any suggestions?
I Was transported in wheelchair from DY7055. Young fellow pushing my wheelchair got my suitcase and send it SOMEWHERE... Now it is lost...
Can anyone PLEASE tell me an Email or Phone so I can get my lost suitcase PLEASE
This is not the airport's website.
Is there a notary public somewhere at the airport?
I am connecting with a flight from Orlando International to Savannah from Port Canaverel Cruise Terminal. Car is picking us up at 0900 hrs from Cruise Terminal and wondered if we can make the 11.55 flight out of Orlando also do we need to go through Immigration/security again as we flew in a week earlier from Scotland
There is no US Immigration when traveling domestically, but there is security. 2 hrs 55 minutes from Port Canaveral to MCO is sort of pushing it but should be doable. Is your flight connecting somewhere because there are no nonstop flights from MCO to Savannah.
Thankyou for this yes we are flying via Charlotte the car company are going to collect us at 08 30 and theyhave advised 45 minute journey to airport