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What proof do I need to provide if I need parking for a week?
what ID is needed for this parking
What ID is needed
there is long term disabled parking for vets
Cheapest parking March 22-April1
Why was I charged a daily rate instead of a weekly rate as stated in website
I think $238.00 is very excessive
This is not the airport's website.
Need parking from Jan 1 at 10 am till Jan 2 . 10 pm
We are flying out on 11/20, returning 11/25. Any suggestions for cost effective parkin appreciated
I am flying on 25th in the morning to 3rd Jan 2018Any suggestion for cost effective parking at the Airport
Please let me know why I was fully charged for parking. My flight was cancelled and Airport was closed. When I picked up my car and called for help no one answered outside. I went inside, and still no one was there to help
We parked in the self pay lot next to terminal A on 06/01/2017 at 4:30 am and we could not find any posted price for that lot. LAst Year it cost us 15.00 a day.
We landed and exited the lot today 06/06/2017 at 14:48 pm and we were charged $168.00 We do not understand why we were charged so much . If it is still 15.00 a day at 6 days we should have been charged $90.00 .There is a number on our receipt of 9964. I would really appreciate an explanation for this very large unexpected charge.
This is not the airport's website. Nobody from the airport will see this message.
Had car parked in covered parking for 55 minutes and was charged $6.00, not the $2 per 1/2 hour you have on your site.
Did you check the times on your parking stub? If it was 61 minutes, the charge would be $6. Regardless, it's a $2 difference. Big deal.