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During this pandemic (December 2020), is the shuttle still available for the long-term parking lot?
is short term parking open
How do disabled veterans get free parking?
do disabled veterans rec. free or discounted parking ?

I received a text message linking to a charge of $112 for parking. I paid for parking when I left the garage over a week ago and it was only about $68 or so. Can someone please contact me to make sure this charge is cancelled?

Matthew Cox 803-599-9092
DO you have valet parking long term and how much?
When entering today to park the terminal did not give me a ticket. Who do I notify?
How many days is considered "long-term"? How far is economy from the terminal?
Where is handicapped parking
How do I get the free parking, I am a disabled Veteran
How do I receive free parking as a disabled veteran when paying through the kiosk!