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Dear Mr and Madam,
I was in Osaka airport the 22nd of March and I think I lost my cap during the control... Would it be possible to tell me if you find a dark green cap where there is written the brand above "New Balance" ?
Thank you in advance,
Best regards,
Marina OK
Lost a black Cannon camera in a back camera bag with a bright blue luggage tag on it. If found please contact me at 09037068512
Sorry! I recently wrote somthing wrong.
I lost my canon camera in the black bag at the airport. Inside there are a fixed lens with camera and a zooming lens.Could you please find it to me. Thank you
It's Canon EOS kiss9i. I'm not sure where i lost it.
Hi has anyone seen my toiletry bag in plain plastic bag? I have my tooth brush tooth paste , cc cream, ck perfume, hair conditioner and my favourite fragonard perfume! Do email me if u have it.