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I lost iPhone 7 without case (pink) at the airport yesterday, June 24, 2019 around gate 10 ~ 15:00 while waiting Thai-Lion Air
Missing Samsung Table in purple protection case. Possibly left in security inspection basket 13-July around 13:00 at exit of int'l security check point
Hi, we arrived st the Kansai airport lastnight. When we got to our accommodation, I realized that I lost my husband’s passport. Hope someone can hell us locate it.
I’m looking for my lost phon Erin connection gate 4 at Kansai Airport on October 19, if anyone found it, please contact me directly through email at [email protected] or bring it to Cathay Pacific airline directly. Thanks!
Dear dirs,
I lost a leather black wallet in terminal 1 near gate 11 contains a sim card, 2 ANA frequent flyer cards and some documents.
Would you be able to kindly check and notify me if the wallet was found.
Many thanks in advance,
Ofer Maori