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Osaka Kansai Airport ( KIX ) Terminal Map Information

Osaka Kansai KIX Terminal Map


The Terminal complex, Transfer to Itami Airport; the Aeroplaza, and TERMINAL DETAILS,  

The passenger terminal complex at Kansai International Airport consists of the Aeroplaza in the center, with the Main Terminal 1 and Hotel Nikko on opposite sides of it, while low-cost-carrier (LLC) Terminal 2 is across from the Water Channel.

- Terminals 1 & 2 are about 4 km apart,  connected by shuttle buses running from Aeroplaza to Terminal 2 & taking 7-9 minutes.
- As KIX is an island airport, ferry services departing from the nearby Marine Terminal run to Sumoto-ko on Awaji Island and to Kobe Airport.
- The 24-hour budget accommodation 'First Cabin' with 150 rooms spread over the Aeroplaza's levels 2 & 3 with communal bath & lounge.
- Both terminals  offer free wireless LAN service at T1 (excluding part of the traffic line for interntional flights); at all areas in the Aeroplaza, and at all areas of T2 (wireless LAN card is needed, without LAN card: select 'Free [email protected]' SSID or one starting with 'Free [email protected]  Electronic charging stations are available (a) at T1, levels 1, 2 & 4, at international gate area's Center, North Wing & South Wing, and at domestic gate area; (b) at T2 at both international and domestic gate areas.
- Kansai Airport KIX offers Fast Track Lane immigration services for inbound VIP passengers, and to those attending conferences.

Transfer between Kansai & Itami Airports: 
Bus tickets can be obtained at Counter B in Limo-Bus Boarding Area on level 1 of Terminal 1 (at Osaka Itami at Limo-Bus Counters in South & North Terminals).
The Aeroplaza, located between the Kansai Airport Station and the Passenger Terminal (all connected by walkways), includes Hotel Nikko. The Aeroplaza is used for conferences and services:
 - Level 1 houses a rental car counter; reception desk with cloak room, business center, and a Banquet lobby surrounded by conference rooms.
 - Level 2 has access to railway station and Terminal 1
. It houses some restaurants, a multi-purpose hall and the Water Square.
 - Level 3 houses some restaurants, dental office, and the Kansai Airport Conference Hall office.


Terminal 1 of Kansai Airport is an integrated Terminal with four levels and North & South 'Wings' (concourses) -  measuring 1.7 km end to end.  Its North & South Wings are on level 2, and the 'Wing Shuttle' connects one Wing end to the other. The terminal's roof is shaped like an airfoil, promoting air circulation throughout the building. The ticketing hall and the international departures concourse are separated by a glass partition. 
The terminal was recently renovated, changing the layout of level 3's shops & restaurants, making international arrivals area on level 1 more inviting, and adding more comfort to baby rooms & restrooms.  More restaurants were also added on level 3.
Translating device 'Smart Interpreter Pon' can now be rented at the Global Rental Phone Counter, translating Japanese into English & Chinese.
    Level 1, the international arrivals level, has two Customs checks and 2 information desks with northern & southern arrivals gates, baggage claim, currency exchange & ATM machines.  Bus gates 101-103 and 111-113  are on level 1
    Level 2, the domestic departures & arrivals level, is for ticketing, boarding, and baggage claim. It houses the Information Center (tel. +81(0)72 455-2500), staffed by yellow-jacketed staff.  VIP Rooms Oguri, Izumi, Senshu & Danjiri are past security checkpoint at right end, while airline lounges ANA, Sakura & KIX are at the opposite side.
The Domestic Gate Area is divided between North & South Departures, with gates 16 to 20 (near gate 18 is access to gates 201, 202)  and gates 21 to 26 (near gate 23 is access to gates 211, 212).  on either side, and with access to domestic baggage claim & domestic arrivals in the center.  Level 2 also has access to the Aeroplaza & Hotel Nikko, and the Kansai Airport Train Station via excalator. 
    Level 4 is the the International Departures level housing check-in counter rows A - H (A north, H south): 
- Rows  E - H passengers
proceed to security check and take the escalator down to level 3 for Immigration check and transfer to South Departure gates 26-41 & bus gates 111-113;
- Rows A - D passengers proceed to security check and on to North Departure gates 1-16  & bus gates 101-103.  Between South & North departure security check is the Wing Square with a number of services.
     Level 3 houses in the center the International Boarding Area with restaurants & shops and the following lounges. To the south of it is the Credit Card Lounge Hiei; to the north of it ae the Namihaya VIP Rooms and airline VIP lounges of KAL & JAL. After separate immigration procedures, passengers take the wing shuttle to:
 - the South Wing gates on level 2, (stopping at level 1 to bus gates 111-113, and at level 2 to gates 26-41; 
- the North Wing gates on level 2 (stopping at level 1, bus gates 101-103 and at level 2 at gates 1-16.
       The South Wing is used mainly for international flights using  gates 26-41 (gates 23 to 25 serve domestic flights)  and houses a few restaurants.The Wing shuttle stops at gates 28 / 29 and between gates 37 / 38. 
-  Airline Lounges:
  Royal Orchid, Asuka, Lounge Pacific, ANA, Sakura & Airside.
       The North Wing, used mainly for international flights (gates 17 & 18 serve dometic flights) houses a few restaurants and services and gates 1 to 16. The  Wing shuttle stops at Gates 5 /4 and 13 / 14. 
    Other amenities and services inside the Main Terminal 1 include: Free WiFi service (including at Aeroplaza).
A large information center on level 2 and information desks on levels 1, 2, 4 and international gate are center; a myriad of food & drink establishments, as well as shops. (KIX Airside Avenue, a zone for shops & restaurants located within International Departures opened recently). Coin-operated internet stations are located on levels 1, 2 & 4;  Wireless internet access is available free of charge; Coin-operated mobile phone chargers are on levels 1 - 4.  Baggage Storage, Baggage Delivery & Porter Services are on on levels 1 & 4; Coin lockers are on levels 2 & 3. A clinic (tel. 456-7185) in on level 2; Currency exchange services are available at the Airport Station and on levels 1, 3 & 4.  ATM cash machines are on level 2,3 & 4; Credit Card service counters are in the back of level 4. Showers are on level 2 North, next to the Information Center.  Gender-separated prayer rooms with ablution spaces are available at both North & South Wings, ad at level 3.

Terminal 2 of Kansai Airport - the low-cost carrier terminal (LLC) completed its expansion work in January 2017.  Terminal facilities now surround the parking garage - with domestic gate area at west side - and international departures and separate International Arrivals gates are at east side. The one-level building houses the Departure/ Arrivals Lobby.   
 - International Arrivals transferring to domestic flights will find a free shuttle bus stop  waiting outside.  
 - International check-in counters are near the center entrance. 
 - International Arrivals, after claiming their baggage, need to proceed to the International Immigration counter.
 - Past security check are a number of food & drink and retail concessions, with access to departure gates.
 - Aside from food & drink and shops, T2 offers currency exchange, cash dispensers, KIX-ITM card conter at Information Center, and a tourist information center.